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Space is about potentia(ls) and thus, about liberation, Intensified technological circulation is in itself in need of exploitation of "human/natural recourses". Liberty, therefore, can only be exercised as ‘liberation from’ mass-machinery (military/state/corporation)

As Foucault says, "it can never be inherent in the structure of things to guarantee the exercise of freedom. The guarantee of freedom is freedom…."

Apparently, like the sea and the air, the world wide web is a smooth space par excellence. "Trace" is what is brought by the state apparatus to find the genetic axis of any connection in cyberspace, for a power takeover. In opposition, all effort should be directed at claiming the web as ultimately open, infinite, and heterogenous, that is, as a "map".

Bands and packs without the distinct organs of power are the models for machinic assemblage over vast territory. Banditry is a possibility in cyberspace, as opposed to the organization of the State.

Against the delimited plane of the warp and the sedentary path of the woof, we propose an acentered and infinite space in which any point is connected to any other point in lines of flight (felt,) where points are subordinated to trajectories: a retroactive smoothing of the cyberspace. A constant flux of connections in between undifferentiated plateaus opposes the "navigation" of striated space-time

We propose an entanglement as opposed to an intertwining. When enough nodes are added without a hierarchical principle (a patchwork), the capture will succeed, and thus recede until the next raid. xurban means the nomadic urban assemblage where the dwelling (short term "memory") is subordinated to the journey without having a destination point.

Collectivity is not formed on a unified plot, rather, ideas and works form a multilayered map with non-specific coincidences.

Knit++ is a continuum where flows are not directed. Obstacles are
part of the drift, project is part of the projectile.

by xurban_collective:
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Knit++ is a commission of New Radio and Performing Arts for its Turbulence web site.
With funds from the Jerome Foundation
Thanks to: Helen Thorington (Turbulence), Simel Esim (International Center for Research on Women).

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