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jess loseby

All work requires Flash 6 Plug-in, may also need soundcard and speakers. Best viewed with IE5+ .

views from the ground floor...
htm & Flash 6 video installtion (on and offline)

[created with the financial assistance of The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology]

trivial connections
htm & Flash 6 video installation (on and offline)

htm & Flash 6 looped installation

interactive htm, audio and flash
[music by clive loseby, violin by louise mansbridge]
light from the machine

flash, audio and video - very little interaction
[music by clive loseby]


Jess Loseby is an established net and digital artist from the UK. Her primary medium in the internet. She exhibits in national and international projects both on and off line. Her work ranges from small and intimate online installations to large scale digital projections and video. Loseby’s unashamedly low-tech net installations and video build comparisons of the network and digitality in its frustrations, attention to triviality and repetition as absurdly compatible to the female domestic routine. Themes dealing with individuality and cyber-identity reoccur frequently as do the faces of her three children who seem to be bound up irrevocably with her digital self. Jess Loseby is young(ish), has three children, one husband and no time!

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rssgallery is the webpage and sketchbook of jess loseby. http://www.rssgallery.com

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