a spectacle of life

A man and a woman continue to discuss without understanding each other. Each uses his/her own invented language. The words of hope, left on the site by visitors, confront the images of war found on the web.

'confrontation' leads to an incapacity to define war and hope as opponents, but lets them seem more as striving forces that appear on every level of our lives. Up to a point that sometimes we can find hope in the image of war and war in the hope phrases.

Annie Abrahams
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    Clément Charmet
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Annie Abrahams is a multimedia artist born in the Netherlands and living in France. She obtained a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Utrecht and has a diploma from the Art School of Arnhem. Her most important project "being human" can be viewed from This work concentrates on the possibilities and limitations of communication on the net.

review by Ruth Catlow
review by Domenico Quaranta


Clément Charmet is an art student from France. Interested in computer art since 2002, he mainly uses Internet resources, code capabilities, and random functions to generate multimedia content. His work deals with the perception of information and reality through media.


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