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“Sonic Alter Ego” by Francisco López

vida.jpgThe VIDA 10.0 AWARDS were announced recently. Francisco López (Spain) won an award for Sonic Alter Ego in the Incentives for Ibero-American Production category that helps finance art projects exploring Artificial Life (and related disciplines) that still have not been produced. Applicants must be from South America, Spain or Portugal.

The hybrid forms of the artistic proposals submitted to VIDA and the transformation of the discipline of A-Life itself have prompted the jury to consider new issues, such as the rising importance of simulation in both social life (for example, in the concept of virtual personality) and organic life (evident in the concept of “neo-organisms”). Continue reading

Dec 6, 2007
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Live Stage: stationary æmotion II [co online]

tremor4.jpgstationary æmotion by æther9 in the frame of Tremor_ 4: Live.doc :: Online :: November 9, 2007; 7:00 pm Columbia time (UTC/GMT -5) Performance duration: 15:00 min [Check your local time here]

The æther9 group presents stationary æmotion: 4 remote performers from 4 different locations united in a real-time broadcast. Remote performers: N3krozoft Group Brussels (BE), Paula Vélez (CO), N3krozoft HQ Geneva (CH) :: Live audio: Christiaan Cruz (California) :: Original screenplay: Nicola Unger & Audrey Samson Continue reading

Nov 9, 2007
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Live Stage: stationary æmotion [nl online + Rotterdam]

aether9.jpgstationary æmotion by æther9 :: Online :: Or @ WORM, Achterhaven 148, Rotterdam :: Performance: 22:00 Central European Time (UTC+2 – Bravo Time Zone) Performance duration: 15:00 min [Check your local time here]

The æther9 group presents stationary æmotion: 4 remote performers from 4 different locations reunited in a real-time broadcast. This performance is part of an evening presenting several works focusing on the theme of streaming, brought to you by the Labouretum Lumbrici, tonight at WORM (Rotterdam, NL). The æther9 group is interested in exploring the performative aspect of the infosphere. They make use of existing ‘lo-fi’ communication tools to experiment with the integration of dramaturgical elements linked to the constraints of working with a delocalised group to develop an audiovisual performance. Continue reading

Oct 26, 2007
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Virtual VJ

vdj-net-level-3-03.jpgDene Grigar’s Virtual DJ Networked Performance has been developed to allow two geographically-removed performers to interact simultaneously with Steve Gibson’s piece, Virtual DJ. With the help of the programmers from APR, Inc. a version of the tracking software has been developed to allow positional information to be delivered over a high-speed network, thus allowing the users at each site to hear and see the results of the remote person’s motions. The network performance between Gibson and Grigar was tested in the summer 2005 between Gibson’s studio at the University of Victoria and Grigar’s lab at Texas Woman’s University. Continue reading

Oct 2, 2007
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Live Stage: Correspondences in Sound and Vision [au Sydney]

port.jpgCorrespondences in Sound and Vision – An ACID / CCS / Carriageworks performance by Ernest Edmonds and Mark Fell with guests Andrew Brown, Andrew Sorensen, Andrew Johnston, and Benjamin Marks :: September 30, 2007; 6:30-8.30 pm :: Bay 20 – Carriageworks, 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh, Sydney.

DC_RELEASE is a generative audio-visual performances. Ernest and Mark will be joined by special guests, aa-cell, an Australian-based live coding duo – Andrew Brown and Andrew Sorensen. Their work involves semi-improvised musical performances where they build the software for a piece during performance from a blank slate using the Impromptu environment. The music created by aa-cell includes elements of electroacoustic sound art, minimalism and electronic dance music Continue reading

Sep 28, 2007
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driftgrabbs01.jpgDriftnet – Fly Like a Bird, a project by squidsoup: Imagine flying like a bird through a musical composition that surrounds you, immerses you and reacts to your presence. Driftnet is a confluence of two ideas – bird-like flight, and a spatialised, navigable musical environment.

At one level, it experiments with intuitive methods for freely navigating 3D virtual space. Users are invited to ‘fly like a bird’ to navigate through a virtual space. Using NO worn equipment – just by flapping their arms/wings and tilting their arms and bodies – people can intuitively (and amusingly!) navigate freely in virtual space. The metaphor used harks back to childhood play, imitating birds and planes in the playground. Continue reading

Sep 17, 2007
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Digital Art Week’s Soundscape Contest

banner_soundscape.jpgSoundScapes by Rachael Watts 10/7/07 :: An article on the 2007 Soundscape Contest for the Zurich Digital Arts Week (DAW).

The word SoundScape conjures notions of sounds that range from the passive wallpaper variety to that of something engaging, interactive and assertive. Here SoundScape could be seen as according to Brian Eno, ‘music for everyday living’ or, sounds for potential or future living. For the Zurich Digital Art Weeks (DAW), 2007 a SoundScape programme was developed. The works selected, according to the DAW website, display an ability to ‘evoke the presence of things or beings in space to the extent that each work ‘immerses the listener into a real or imaginary sonic environment’. Immersion and engagement are key characteristics of all works to be presented.

We become easily affected by sound. It permeates the body through the ear, which is essentially a hole in the head, a fact Kahn and Whitehead remind us in their text “Wireless Imagination: Sound, Radio, and the Avant-Garde”. It is how we choose to consume and compute this phenomena in conjunction with specific production techniques that dictate how immersive sound can be. It is important to understand how individually, we come to listen and interact with the sounds and what perspective and associations we bring to the sounds that determine our opinion of the quality and ingenuity. Continue reading

Jul 24, 2007
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Reblogged Resonating with Wind – A Compelling Journey Into the Sky

resonating-with-sl-wind2.jpgDutch artist Edo Autopoiesis is exploring an unusual, and mostly ignored side of Second Life – its wind. His installation, Resonating – With – secondlifeWind is an incredible meditative journey into a sky-based field of 100 windmills. Forever set in motion by the wind energy, each one of the windmills lifts a red object: the stronger the wind, the faster the object is lifted.

Upon reaching the top of the pole, the red object drops and hits an acoustic resonator at the bottom, producing a sound. Sounds from neighboring windmills affect the overall rhythm produced by the entire set of windmills. The ever-changing wind patterns of Second Life are the source of variety in this strange, and fully generative melody. Continue reading

Jul 10, 2007
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Live Stage: Sonar2007 / Sonarama [es Spain]

jost4.jpgSonar2007: Sonarama – focus on the relationship between sound and space :: Jost Muxfeldt: Audio Kinematics; June 14-16 :: Kurt Hentschläger: Feed; June 14-16 (3 shows per day) :: Tres: Blackout #20; June 16, 10:00 pm (Sonarama’s closing act) :: Centre d’Art Sta. Mònica.

Jost MuxfeldtAudio Kinematics: Jost Muxfeldt has lived in the US as well as in Germany. He studied both music and philosophy. In 1991 he moved to Berlin, where he began working as an artist and composer, independently as well as with other artists. ”Audio Kinematics” works with the idea of kinematic relations on the level of sound: a virtual audio sculpture. Continue reading

Jun 6, 2007
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Net_Music_Weekly: Music Environment in Second Life

hive23-figure1.jpgJay Hardesty, Drazen Bosnjak and Harris Skibell are developing tone23, a musical ecosystem where music is the primary agent defining interactions between users. Music evolves in this environment based on the musical preferences and encounters of users. Implemented at hive23 in Second Life, it creates original music variations and hybrids based on association among avatars.

Music Rooms: The hive23 environment contains three rooms. Each room is associated with a separate musical stream that is determined by the avatars currently within that room. Each avatar is “tagged” with music they have chosen from a list of musical pieces, available outside the entrance to the three rooms. When an avatar enters or leaves a room, a new sequence of musical variations is produced for that room. These variations combine and rework parts from the songs identified with those avatars then inhabiting that room. Continue reading

May 11, 2007
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