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Category: phonography Relaunches SoundTransit Project

soundtransit.jpgAfter a 10 month hiatus the SoundTransit project is back, hosted by

SoundTransit is a collaborative, online community dedicated to field recording and phonography. Phonography is the art of recording sounds from the environment around us, with an emphasis on the unintentional sounds which often go unnoticed in our daily lives. An international community of phonographers collect and share their recordings, with interests ranging from recordings of natural or urban environments to improvised situations or soundwalks, to the resonance of solid objects or the Earth’s atmosphere. Continue reading

Nov 18, 2011
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Live Stage: New England Phonographers [us Boston, MA]

dsc04114v2.jpgNew England Phonographers Union perform their Deer Island Water Treatment Plant recordings in 4-channel sound :: September 10, 2011; 8:00 pm :: 10 Channel Center St., Boston, MA.

Following their site-specific, four-channel concert on World Listening Day at the Reception Hall and former Pump Station at the Deer Island Water Treatment Plant in July, the New England Phonographers Union — Rick Breault, Michael Bullock, Ernst Karel, Kara Oehler, Jed Speare — bring their recordings to the mainland to offer to Boston audiences.

Their recordings took place over several hours and multiple days among the phonographers members. In concert, the recordings are dispersed through four-channels quadraphonically, with the audience and performers sited within that array to convey a unique spatialization of sounds. Continue reading

Sep 2, 2011
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Live Stage: Phonography Performance and Nightime Soundwalk [us Gary, IN]

276912_169716673095631_6866527_n.jpgJoin the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology, World Listening Project, and Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore to celebrate World Listening Day, as they host a Chicago Phonography performance and Nighttime Soundwalk :: July 18, 2011; 4:00 – 9:00 pm :: Douglas Center, 100 North Lake Street, Gary, IN :: Schedule online here.

World Listening Day observes July 18 as a day to: Celebrate the practice of listening as it relates to the world around us, environmental awareness, and acoustic ecology; Raise awareness about issues related to the World Soundscape Project, World Listening Project, World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, and individual and group efforts to creatively explore phonography; Design and implement educational initiatives which explore these concepts and practices. For further details and updates please visit the MSAE website/.

Jul 10, 2011
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Live Stage: Silent Soundwalks [us Seattle, WA]

wlp.jpgWorld Listening Day Silent Soundwalks :: July 18, 2010; 10:00 am – 4:00 pm :: Greenlake Park (@ Boathouse on south end of Greenlake), 5900 West Green Lake Way N, 98103, Seattle, WA.

In honor of the first World Listening Day, the Seattle Phonographers Union invites the public to participate in a series of soundwalks. This event is FREE to the public; all are welcome. Throughout the day, SPU members will guide participants on silent walks around the lake, focusing attention on the diversity and complexity of the local soundscape. Continue reading

Jul 5, 2010
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Live Stage: Takuro Mizuta Lippit [de Berlin]

steim.jpgTakuro Mizuta Lippit a.k.a. DJ Sniff :: November 23, 2009; 11:00 p.m. :: UdK Medienhaus, Grunewaldstrasse 2-5, Schoeneberg, 10823 Berlin (U7, station Kleistpark), Room 111 (class de Campo).

STEIM – 40 years in live electronic arts by Takuro Mizuta Lippit / Artistic Director.

For the last forty years STEIM, Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music, Amsterdam has been the leading institution in research, development and facilitating live electronic music and arts. Many unique instruments and tools have been created over the years; Blackbox Modular Synth System, Crackle Box, SensorLab, The Hands, LiSa and JunXion are just to name a few. Continue reading

Nov 23, 2009
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Live Stage: urban sound stories [at Vienna]

kunst2.jpgurban sound stories, curated by Gruenrekorder; online at kunstradio and Gruenrekorder :: on air @ Ö1 Kunstradio, Sundays 11:03 – 11:45 pm (CET).

urban sound stories is a five-part series of sounds and photographs as soundscapes of European cities. The artists participating in this “curated by”project were selected by Gruenrekorder, a German based organization and label for phonography, field recording and soundscape.

Five sound artists — Simon Whetham, Tobias Bolt, Eric Cordier, Lasse-Marc Riek and Roland Etzin — explore eight places each, in five different cities, using the means of phonography and photography. The exploration of artificial and natural space within the city takes place within the same space of time. Continue reading

Nov 8, 2009
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Live Stage: Phonographers Perform [us Cambridge, MA]

288.jpgNew England Phonographers featuring: Rick Breault, Derek Hoffend, Ernst Karel, Asher Thal-Nir & Mobius Artist Group Member Jed Speare :: November 6, 2009; 8:00 p.m. :: Democracy Center, 45 Mt. Auburn, Cambridge, MA.

The New England Phonographers Union is a fluid congregation of sound artists and field recordists who work with untreated and unprocessed recordings of the rich and varied sounds around them. Through the exploration and documentation of urban and rural public spaces, sound objects and events, the Union captures auditory phenomena otherwise lost, and re-interpret the particularity of individual places as a newly idealized sonic environment.

Nov 5, 2009
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Structure, Process and Perception of a River

residency.jpgBinauralmedia and Nodar Artist Residency Center announce: Paivascapes #1 Structure, Process and Perception of a River :: February – October 2010 :: International Open Call for Art Projects — Deadline: September 30, 2009.

The Nodar Artist Residency Program for 2010 will have a single aggregating subject: the Paiva River. Throughout the year, from winter to autumn, several multidisciplinary art projects (having sound as a central element) will be developed in a context-specific perspective, interacting with the river’s different geographical areas, from its spring to its mouth. A tribute to a small river that is a symbol of a region that (still) can live in a well-balanced interaction with nature. Continue reading

Jun 22, 2009
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Net_Music_Weekly: Soundscape Forever

n26171166327_2135.jpgThe concept of ‘Soundscape’ appeared in the sixties in the work of the Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer- reaching a larger audience in 1973 through the World Soundscape Project and in the book The Soundscape – Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World, published in 1977.

Even if one disregards his naturalistic approach to the idea of a landscape, there remains in Schafer’s work an obstinacy to make art out of what is perceived as sonic nuisance — an important step which laid the foundation of an attitude that is still alive among scholars and composers today.

More than 30 years on, the programme Soundscape Forever revisits the concept with an original series of sixteen pieces by international artists (Michael Batalla, Yannick Dauby, eRikm, Xavier Fassion, Zoe Irvine & Mark Vernon, Damien Magnette, Patrick McGinley aka Murmer, NG, Etienne Noiseau, Jean-Philippe Renoult, Kassian & Ulrich Troyer, Els Viaene, Chris Watson). Continue reading

Oct 8, 2008
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Live Stage: Issue Project Room [us Brooklyn]

pedals.jpgAsher Thal-Nir – Brendan Murray – Richard Garet :: August 23, 2008; 8:00 pm :: ISSUE PROJECT ROOM, 232 Third Street (on third ave), Brooklyn, NY.

This event will consist of a collaborative aural and visual live performance between Boston artists’ Asher Thal-Nir and Brendan Murray, and NYC artist Richard Garet. The show will range from combinations of solo, pair, and trio groups exploring the interconnected dialogue of improvised live sound and video performance. The sound can be expected to range from computer processing, micro-tonal, minimal drone, and phonography. The live moving-image will vary from a flickering and color field light processing to a static and minimal prerecorded footage. Continue reading

Aug 20, 2008
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