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The Fall of Pirate Cat Radio [us San Francisco]

radio.jpgFrom The Fall of Pirate Cat Radio by David Downs.

The Bay Area’s biggest pirate radio station is off the air, fined $10,000 for illegal broadcast, and its owner threatened with arrest if he returns. But Pirate Cat Radio isn’t going quietly into the night.

Not only is the thirteen-year-old San Francisco station still quasi-legally streaming to half a million listeners online per month, but the 1,200-watt station formerly broadcasting at 87.9 FM is fighting the Federal Communications Commission in federal court. While the station is raising funds to pay its fine with local events this month, it has joined a historic battle under way in Washington, DC over local control of the airwaves. Station owner Monkey (aka Daniel Roberts) says terrestrial radio has failed to serve the public interest, and Pirate Cat is fighting for consumer rights alongside pirates and politicians across America. Read more here .

Nov 23, 2009
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Free Music Archive of Legal Downloads

down.jpgFrom Flavorpill: The Free Music Archive is an expertly curated virtual library of legal music downloads. The site is directed by WFMU, New Jersey’s beloved, listener-supported, freeform radio station.

FMA picks up the copyright slack. Inspired by Creative Commons, the Archive strives to provide its users with royalty-free, pre-cleared tracks for noncommercial projects, including podcasts, soundtracks, radio, and remixes. It’s curated by the pros. Explore eclectic selections from legendary Seattle station KEXP, Los Angeles-based nonprofit upstart Dublab, and New York City’s Issue Project Room, among many others. The music is yours. Stream your favorite tracks from the Web, or download high-quality MP3s; if you love what you hear, the site makes it easy to give back by either buying the albums or donating directly to an artist’s “tip jar.”

May 14, 2009
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Inclusiva-Net: P2P Networks and Processes [es Madrid]

< Inclusiva-Net: P2P Networks and Processes — International Seminar :: July 6 – 10, 2009 :: Medialab-Prado, Madrid, Spain :: Call for Papers — Deadline: May 31, 2009.

Medialab-Prado issues a call for the presentation of papers to be publicly presented during the 4th International Inclusiva-net Meeting. This edition will focus on an analysis of “peer-to-peer” networks and network processes, highlighting the social potentials of cooperative systems and processes based on the structures and dynamics inherent to these types of networks. Selected papers will be presented within a program that will also include invited lecturers and debates. Continue reading

May 13, 2009
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Net_Music_Weekly: ThruYou

thruyou.jpgLike so many of us, Ophir Kutiel enjoys cruising YouTube, land of a million amateur film clips. Unlike the rest of us, the 27-year-old Israeli musician and producer – who goes by the name Kutiman – has found in his virtual wanderings the raw materials for a groundbreaking project called ThruYou: seven original songs made by mixing dozens upon dozens of music clips that have been uploaded to YouTube. — Boston Globe

After disclosing ThruYou to just twenty friends, Kutiman’s project spread virally across the web, racking up more than one million views in less than a week. After viewing ThruYOU, open source advocate Lawrence Lessig praised the project as a pioneer of a new, less regulated form of media, saying “If you come to the Net armed with the idea that the old system of copyright is going to work just fine here, this more than anything is going to get you to recognize: you need some new ideas.” — Wikipedia Continue reading

May 11, 2009
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On the move – sharing music, inspiration and fun

pushmusic_autosharing_s.jpg[Image: Push!Music autosharing situation and software demo on handheld] “Instead of sharing music in front of a computer, what if you could simply share songs, directly from your MP3 player, with friends and other people you encounter in your everyday life? And what if songs could send themselves autonomously from player to player, depending on where they ‘fit in’? Together with my colleagues at the Future Applications Lab in Sweden, I have explored how music could be shared wirelessly between mobile devices in ways that are intended to be playful, intriguing and spontaneous. Mobile wireless technologies not only let us stay connected to those far away from us, they can also increase our awareness of what is happening right here, right now. For example, recent mobile applications let you search for apartments for sale in the same neighbourhood you are currently walking around. Continue reading

May 11, 2009
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Imperfect Silence — file sharing

is-cover.jpgImperfect Silence is a new release, curated by Phil Hargreaves, involving international musicians and sound artists exploring the methodology of file sharing.

From Alex Young’s review in Furthernoise:
The disc consists of two tracks, twenty five minutes and thirty one minutes long consecutively. There’s improvisation on a wide range of instruments: guitar, sax, laptops (noise, effects, sampled sounds), vocals, drums, various wind instruments and presumably whatever else the performers could get their hands on. Influences vary from free jazz, ambient electronica and noise and themes are presumably originated by the first person to submit a track, with interactions between each section and theme evolving as each person submitted their contribution. It’s impossible to guess the blueprints behind the final piece or even the order in which the tracks were submitted. Like most group improvisation, ideas occasionally linger on for a little bit too long when a strong personality takes over. But this isn’t a complaint. In fact it’s fascinating that the overall dynamic of the interactions between the contributors is virtually indistinguishable from traditionally performed improvisation.

Continue reading

Feb 17, 2009
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Live Stage: D.C. Policy Day 2009 [us Washington, DC]

dcpolicyday09150×200.gifFUTURE OF MUSIC COALITION presents D.C. Policy Day 2009 at National Geographic Music and Radio and National Geographic Live! :: February 11, 2009.

This daylong event brings together leading voices to debate how changes in the policymaking landscape could impact the music community. Scheduled just two weeks after the start of a new federal administration, the event brings laser-beam focus to the core issues emerging in the courts, in Congress, at the FCC and the Copyright Office. With three panels, two keynote speeches and a special conversation, Policy Day 2009 will provide musicians, technologists, legal experts, policymakers and advocates with the opportunity to participate in robust but balanced discussions about how media and broadband policy affect the music industry, and how changes in copyright law could impact the music and tech communities. Continue reading

Jan 15, 2009
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Live Stage: Cory Arcangel [us Brooklyn]

arcangel.jpgCory Arcangel’s Bruce Springsteen Born to Run Glockenspiel Addendum :: August 5, 2008; 8:00 pm :: Light Industry, 55 33rd Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, New York :: Tickets – $6, available at door.

Artist Cory Arcangel appears at Light Industry to perform the first complete and authoritative version of his now-notorious Bruce Springsteen Born to Run Glockenspiel Addendum. This appearance marks the first time “and perhaps last” that Arcangel will provide live accompaniment on glockenspiel to Springsteen’s canonical album in its entirety, alongside the premiere of a new video featuring Springsteen and the E Street Band.

“In 2006, on a whim, I decided to go uptown to Sam Ash music store, buy a Glockenspiel and record glockenspiel parts for the songs on Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run record that did not already feature that instrument. Most everything I have ever made has been ignited from a similar semi-destructive whim. Continue reading

Jul 8, 2008
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The Sound of eBay

ebay.jpgThe Sound of eBay by UBERMORGEN.COM … enjoy the silence!

First there was silence…
Then there was data…
But there was no story…
Just images and sounds…

We love it! The Sound of eBay is our affirmative low-tech contribution to the ATOMIC soundtrack of the peer-to-peer hyper-catastrophic shock-capitalism.

Beautiful project! Especially the scary parts about sensitive data. Very well worded, too. I can’t wait to see some fear trickle through the datasphere…” Douglas Ruskoff Continue reading

Jun 20, 2008
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Pledgie Your Support for Turbulence!


Hi Jo-Anne and Helen,

I run a peer-to-peer philanthropy site called Pledgie. My friend Garry and I started Pledgie to help organizations like Turbulence raise money from like-minded donors and benefactors. Pledgie is free to use no matter how much or how little you raise; I know Pledgie can help you raise some or all of your 25k needed. Pledgie ties directly into Paypal so you don’t need anything else to get started and making a campaign.

As a long-time net artist and someone who deeply cares about the type of opportunities Turbulence gives to artists who might normally go unnoticed, I am happy to work with you with your fund-raising needs.

Best Regards and good luck,
Mark Daggett

Go to Pledgie right now and show your support for Networked Music Review. Additionally, you can show your support by placing the Pledgie badge on your own web site, blog, MySpace page, etc. Go here for the badge.

Dec 3, 2007
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