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Field Broadcast: 9 DAYS 33 FIELDS 33 ARTISTS [online]

field_broadcast.jpgField Broadcast: 9 DAYS 33 FIELDS 33 ARTISTS :: May 8, 2010; 2:00 am – May 17, 2010; 11:30 pm :: Direct to your desktop.

Thirty-three artists will send live broadcasts from fields direct to your desktop. All works, whether video, animation, performance, sculpture or live data will be created in the field with no editing or post-production. Each broadcast will be viewed by a dispersed international audience, at office desks, in cafes, on trains and at kitchen tables.

To receive the field broadcasts go to, click on ‘download viewer’ and follow the instructions. Once you have installed the viewer application each broadcast will arrive directly to your desktop, through your internet connection, opening in a pop-up window. All broadcasts are live and will not be repeated. Continue reading

May 5, 2010
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Live Stage: Sound & Television [dk Copenhagen]

soundand.jpgSound & Television: Transmission Art Series :: Six Tuesday evenings; April 27 – June 15, 2010; 9:30 – 10:00 pm (see schedule below) :: on “i mellemtiden” (“meanwhile”), tv-tv, Copenhagen.

From glitches and disrupted audiovisual flows to scrambled signals and noise via avant-retard aesthetics and live montage — Sound & Television offers you artistic re-imaginations of the future (and past) of live digital-TV broadcasting. As a Transmission Art series, Sound & Television invites artists who work with the materiality of audiovisual flows to realise performances exploring the performativity of television: not live on TV, but live as TV. Continue reading

Apr 26, 2010
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Live Stage: Phonography on Something Else [us Chicago, IL and online]

m_00c6c73efd2104c40a98cf0f81baedbd.jpgChicago Phonography on Something Else :: hosted by Philip von Zweck :: on WLUW 88.7FM :: Sunday, January 17, 2010 at 10:00pm to Monday, January 18, 2010 at 2:00am :: live stream:

Something Else is Chicago’s longest running radio show devoted to seldom-heard and experimental, avant-garde musics, sound art, works of long duration (no excerpts!), and other less classifiable things that just don’t have an outlet. Chicago Phonography is a collective of artists interested in promoting creative activity in listening by broadcasting unprocessed field recordings as an ensemble in a context of live improvisation.

Jan 16, 2010
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Live Stage: Radio Fragments [de Berlin]

radiofragments.jpgRadio Fragments: Transforming Radiophonic Silences into Sound Stories — A sound installation by Andre Castro :: January 4-8, 2010; 2:00 – 5:00 pm :: NK, Elsenstr. 52/2, Hinterhaus Etage 2, 12059 Berlin.

Radio Fragments is a radiophonic project that aims to explore an auditory attention, different from the one usually associated with the experience of listening to the radio, making use of the spaces-in-between-words-and-songs that occur throughout the radiophonic discourse as its main reagent.

Its basic formula consists of an analysis-control mechanism (built in Super Collider) residing inside a computer to which a real-time mainstream radio broadcast is fed. This mechanism acts as a reversed-noise-gate, singling out what is usually ignored or avoided in a radiophonic context (whispers, stumbles, pauses, dead spaces and errors) and muting all the other sounds such as words or songs. Continue reading

Dec 29, 2009
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Merkur by Roberto Paci Dalò [at Vienna + online]

rpd1.jpgMerkur by Roberto Paci Dalò :: Live from Studio RP4, ORF Funkhaus Wien :: Broadcast in 5.1 Surround Sound :: December 6, 2009; 11:03 – 11:45 pm (CET) :: live streaming; shortwave broadcasting.

A performance based on the invisible architecture of sound and electric dust. A farewell dealing with the space through resonance, reverbs, echoes. A chemical laboratory where thin acoustical textures are developed through revolving layers and abstract forms. Moving on the threshold between broken melodies (coming in part from John Dowland’s vocal fragments), loops, soundscapes, and noise.

Some of the Merkur’s materials have been developed by Roberto Paci Dalò and Alexandra Purcaru through a residency at Hotel Pupik (Austria) during Summer 2009 and premiered in New York at Experimental Intermedia (October 09). Continue reading

Dec 6, 2009
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Radio Without Boundaries

radio.jpgRadio Without Boundaries Conference :: Begins: 6pm May 28th with opening reception and performances, and continues May 29th and 30th :: $150/$130 2-day :: $85/$75 day rate :: At The LOOP Centre for Lively Arts and Learning, Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie Street #176, Toronto, CA :: Final date to register is May 22, 2009! :: go to and click there to the registration link to register

New Adventures in Sound Art is pleased to launch the 8th edition of the Deep Wireless Festival of Radio & Transmission Art with cutting edge performances, a theatre production, sound installations, special radio broadcasts, a compilation CD and the Radio Without Boundaries conference. “In an era when the channels for creative radio are rapidly being extinguished, Deep Wireless returns every May to bring people together from around the world who are continually pushing the creative boundaries of the world’s oldest electronic media as well as redefining radio and transmission through new technologies.”– Darren Copeland, Artistic Director, NAISA. Continue reading

May 18, 2009
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Live Stage: Radiophonic Creation Day [world-wide]

radiophonic1.jpgRadiophonic Creation Day — more than 30 artists from 17 different countries :: May 23, 2009; midnight to midnight :: Paris – Sur Aligre FM 93.1 MHz :: Montpellier – On l’Eko des Garrigues 88.5 MHz :: Budapest – On Radio Eper 97.0 MHz :: Prague – On Radiocustica Cro3 Vltava :: London – On Resonance fm 104.4 MHz :: Toulouse – On Radio Campus Toulouse 94.0 MHz :: Lisbon – On Radio Zero :: Rome – On RAM LIVE :: New York – On Art On Air :: Luxembourg – Sur Radio ARA 103.3 MHz.

Radiophonic Creation Day attempts to include every aspect of radiophonic creation by proposing radio plays, creative documentaries, field recording, experimental and concrete music, sound poetry, Hörspiels and unidentified sound objects. We hope this event will inspire the production of creative programming in European radio stations and accelerate the setting up of a found to help radiophonic creation. Nowadays, this neglected art still suffers from a lack of financial help that continually threatens its position among the radio production line.

May 18, 2009
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Live Stage: Broadcast Yourself [us NYC]

pratt.jpgPratt Manhattan Gallery presents Broadcast Yourself, a symposium that will contrast traditional media with the “YouTube” Generation :: April 1, 2009; 6:30 pm :: Lecture Hall 213, 144 West 14th Street, NYC.

Broadcast Yourself will address the issues of power and control extended by traditional media outlets in contrast with the do-it-yourself attitude pervasive in the tech-savvy younger generation. Symposium panelists will also speak to the impact that radio and television can have in shaping the events of our time; how artists can directly engage, challenge, or subvert the structure and authority of broadcast media; and how our culture is shaped by the actions of individuals and artists. Continue reading

Mar 29, 2009
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Backyardradio at transmediale ’09

nodemap.jpgBackyardradio with Richard Barbrook, Geraldine Juarez, Martin Tetreault & Ignaz Schick, Graham Harwood, Matsuko Yokokoji and Andi Studer, Marold Langer-Philippsen, Claire Pentecost, the Institute for Transacoustic Research, Brico-Brunch / The Houses of Happiness :: until February 1, 2009; 12:00 – 13:00 CET :: transmediale.09 :: 95,2 on Micro fm! (Berlin) and streamed live online.

Backyardradio will broadcast live from the transmediale.09. Starting on Thursday, January 29th, one-hour live variety shows will host visiting artists, thinkers and festival guests for a bit of serious discussion, analog jams and communication pranks. The broadcast will continue with found sound, collected audio files and extra surprises. Continue reading

Jan 30, 2009
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nexus.jpgNEXUSradio is a celebration of radio’s legacy, the evolution of communication technology, and a reaction to the current state of commercial media. The exhibition explores highly intimate auditory experiences, the radio signal’s idiosyncratic nature and radio’s own rich history through a two-month broadcast of participatory community based free-form radio. NEXUSradio is a platform for artists to investigate radio’s potential as a medium and art making space through live performance, transmission and direct interaction with audience members.

NEXUS/foundation for today’s art has transformed its gallery space into a low powered radio station for two months. NEXUS has invited artists, musicians, performers, djs, activists, poets, scholars, local community groups and other members of the public to use the radio broadcast during gallery hours. The broadcast can be heard in Philadelphia at 1650 AM. Continue reading

Jan 9, 2009
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