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Re:live09 [au Melbourne]

melb.jpgRe:live09 – Third World Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology :: November 26-29, 2009 :: Melbourne, Australia.

The Media Art History national conference committee of Austrialia would like to invite you to attend the Re:live the international media art history conference. Over three stimulating days, historians, curators, media artists, creative arts practitioners and theorists at the forefront of their practice will explore the latest research and theories that challenge;

Conference Sessions on the History of :: art-science-technology :: biology :: the environment :: liveness :: the life of machines :: innovation :: Continue reading

Jul 16, 2009
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“rota” by Carsten Nicolai [de Berlin]

rota.jpgrota by Carsten Nicolai :: July 3 – September 26, 2009 :: Ernst Schering Foundation, Unter den Linden 32-34, 10117 Berlin.

rota, which sees itself as an experiment, deals with the effects of the so-called neurofeedback on human perception. Taking his cues from the dreamachines or mind machines — developed by Brion Gysin since the 1950s in the context of the Beatnik movement to alter the viewers’ state of consciousness through the emission of alpha waves — Carsten Nicolai presents a test set-up, where visitors can experience for themselves how the brain responds to different visual (and acoustic) phenomena. Continue reading

Jul 2, 2009
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Live Stage: Electronic Music Concert [de Berlin]

music.jpgAUSREIHE presents: Electronic Music Concert with Yutaka Makino, Daisuke Ishida, Rashad Becker :: May 23, 2009; 10:00 pm :: NK, Elsenstra_e 52, Neukvlln 12059 Berlin, Germany.

Yutaka Makino is an artist and researcher currently based in Los Angeles. He seeks to amalgamate the historic precedents of computer music and science, involving research in spatial perception, complex dynamical systems and emergence. His works range from sculpture to sound works including performance, computer music composition and spatial sound installation. He has been working on spatial compositions for Wave Field Synthesis. His recent commission work, Amorphous for Wave Field Synthesis, was premiered at the International Gaudeamus Music Week 2008 with the Foundation Game of Life’s 192.8ch Wave Field Synthesis System. Continue reading

May 15, 2009
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Live Stage: e-MobLArt [gr Thessaloníki]

n81846179124_897.jpgThe Institute of Unnecessary Research presents e-MobLArt — Exhibition of the European Mobile Lab for Interactive Media Artists following a one year collaboration :: May 20 – June 10, 2009 :: Opening: May 20; 8:00 pm :: Center for Contemporary Art – Warehouse B1, Thessaloníki, Greece.

The exhibition includes two projects involving Anna Dumitriu: KryoLab is an installation that brings together bioart, ice sculpture and sound, in an investigation of delicate relationships in the Arctic ecosystem. This work is about our journey, the experience of participating in the E-MobiLArt project, working with artists from other backgrounds and travelling to new locations. Initial discussions about the nature of arctic, the sound of cracking ice, the disintegration of ice with sound, and the bacterial flora of the Arctic, discussed under the hot Athens sun at the first workshop gained momentum during long nights of conversation illuminated by the cool midnight sun at the edge of the Arctic Circle. Continue reading

May 13, 2009
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Notation. Calculation and Form in the Arts [de Karlsruhe]

benjamin.jpgNotation. Calculation and Form in the Arts :: until July 26, 2009 :: ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Lorenzstraße 19, D – 76135 Karlsruhe, Germany.

Notation. Calculation and Form in the Arts is dedicated to the multifaceted spectrum of artistic process existing between concept and work. The exhibition places works from all areas of art from 1900 until today in relation to one another: sign systems in literature, music, painting, choreography, architecture, photography, film and in media art. During the 20th century, artists have repeatedly made visible new realities through the connection between scientific calculation and artistic form. Morphic resonances, serial structures and sound waves: Modernity has rediscovered the intellectual aspect of existence as a field of research for art. Continue reading

May 11, 2009
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Live Stage: Julie Freeman + Open Source [uk London]

nanonovels_compile.jpgMzTEK Unplugged: Julie Freeman & Open Source :: April 29, 2009; 7;00 – 9:00 pm :: Leon Bankside (directly behind & facing the Tate Modern) – closest tubes: Southwark, London Bridge.

If you were ever curious about Open Source — what it is, who uses it, why, and how you can too — artist Julie Freeman will chat about the politics of Open Source software and code, and will introduce some of the useful programs, packages and tools available for artists, and tools she uses in her work.

Julie Freeman’s work explores transforming complex processes into sound compositions, objects and visualizations. Her work spans visual, audio and digital art forms and explores the relationship between science, nature and how humans interact with it. Continue reading

Apr 28, 2009
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Festival for Mechatronic Art and Robotics [ch Bern]

roboloco.jpgRoboloco – Festival for Mechatronic Art and Robotics :: May 7 – 9, 2009 :: Reitschule Hall, Bern, Switzerland :: Call for Participation … artists, engineers and students — Deadline: March 31, 2009.

The Festival will comprise of an exhibition, concerts, talks and workshops on the theme of the boundaries between humans and machines. Roboloco will address questions surrounding the development of new technologies, such as the role robots play in our everyday life and will play in future changes in society. Roboloco is a spectacle of creative technology which will provide a forum for discussions on, and at, the borders of art, science and society. From these border areas ideas for new systems may emerge. Joint artistic endeavors and the exchange of knowledge about the mechanical, electronic and informatics systems used in mechatronic art are central to the Festival programme. Continue reading

Mar 25, 2009
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Broadcasting Chromosome 1

pattern_01.pngTune into DNA-Radio — After creating pictures from the human DNA code and getting an incredible amount of positive response, the step to convert the data to audio came into our minds… After some thinking and lots of tests, we are converting the whole human genome to audio and streaming them now to the Internet, 24/7. The idea is quite simple, every base is read and broadcasted instead converting it to a color. With DNA-Radio we don’t visualize the chromosome, we sonify it and have now completed a full audio-visual DNA representation of human chromosomes.

It’s like radio, everybody listening hears the same code at the same time, the audio never gets repeated and when we have aired all chromosomes, this project is over. Continue reading

Mar 6, 2009
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Live Stage: 24 Fragments | MiSS Four [uk Belfast]

map.jpgMiSS Four – An improvisatory challenge from the Sonic Arts Research Centre :: February 21, 2009; 1:00 – 3:00 pm (free): Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast.

This event forms part of 24 Fragments – 24 hours of music, neuroscience and performance at 24 sites across the UK. SARC will be linked with all 24 UK sites, but will have a direct artistic exchange with Bristol’s watershed where poetry and voice works by Bristol based performers, led by Hewlett Packard South West fellow Ralph Hoyte will be presented.

Sound artist Paul Stapleton, violinist Gascia Ouzounian and improvisers Pedro Rebelo and Franziska Schroeder will be teaming up for a feast of sonic explorations during the 24 Fragments event, a 24-hour festival funded by The Wellcome Trust. The concert will take place in the unique Sonic Laboratory, a purpose-built, variable acoustic space, known for its experiments in sound diffusion and ground-breaking compositional and performance work. Continue reading

Feb 16, 2009
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Sound + Science Symposium [us Los Angeles]

soundbanner.jpgSound + Science Symposium :: March 5 – 6, 2009; 10:00 am – 7:00 pm :: UCLA California NanoSystems Institute Auditorium, Los Angeles, California.

Sound + Science Symposium is a trans-disciplinary exploration of scientific research and technological breakthroughs concerned with sound, hearing, and aurality. This two-day event will bring together leading figures to discuss the applications and implications of such research in relation to questions of culture, politics, history, environment, art, and music. Participants include Peter Narins, Daniel Blumstein, Ricardo Dominguez, Laura Peticolas, John MacCallum, Miller Puckette, Curtis Roads, Diana Deutsch, James Marston, Petr Janata, Andrea Polli, Jim Crutchfield, Cindy Keefer, Douglas Kahn, Veit Erlmann, Rene Lysloff, Paulo Chagas and Tyler Adams. Continue reading

Feb 2, 2009
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