Live Stage: Sound­wwwalk Per­for­mance [tr Istanbul]

garnicnig_soundwwwalks_image_1.jpgISEA Istanbul presents Soundwwwalk Performance Panel: in­ves­ti­ga­tions to­wards an Acoustic Ecol­ogy of Net­works and the world wide web as in­ter­face and ma­te­r­ial for live per­for­mance — Chair Per­son: Bern­hard Gar­nic­nig; Pre­sen­ters: Ceci Moss, Jamie Allen, Peter Moos­gaard, Con­stant Dul­laart, Ju­lian Palacz, Joel Holm­berg, Will Schrimshaw :: Sep­tem­ber 17, 2011; 1:00 – 2:30 pm :: Sa­banci Cen­ter Room 7, Sa­banci Cen­ter, Lev­ent.

Com­puter net­works and cities both are so­cial spaces that have emerged as ma­te­r­ial spaces where lives are lead and work gets done. They are su­per­struc­tures for com­mu­ni­ca­tion, net­works of chan­nels where in­for­ma­tion and goods are trans­ferred. Both spaces have their par­tic­u­lar acoustic prop­er­ties and qual­i­ties, and while ex­ten­sive stud­ies of en­vi­ron­men­tal acoustics and the sound­scape of our en­vi­ron­ment have been emerg­ing in the last 40 years, net­work spaces are still con­sid­ered to be spaces with­out sound, acoustics or any sonic prop­er­ties.

The panel on Sound­wwwalks will ex­plore this from mul­ti­ple per­spec­tives: In­ves­ti­ga­tions to­wards an Acoustic Ecol­ogy of Net­works, and web browsers and media stored on the web as in­ter­face and ma­te­r­ial for live sound per­for­mance. The in­vited artists and re­searchers pre­pare lec­ture per­for­mances within the stan­dard pre­sen­ta­tion setup of the con­fer­ence.

Per­for­mances by:

Bern­hard Gar­nic­nig, ex­plor­ing the tran­si­tion of the built and “nat­ural” en­vi­ron­ment to the net­work space as the defin­ing sonic en­vi­ron­ment of our lives.

Ceci Moss, play­ing a “dense, care­fully arranged Sound­wwwalk com­po­si­tion using record­ings of the human voice found on the web. Beat­box­ing in­struc­tional videos, vocal med­i­ta­tion ex­er­cises, on­line singing lessons will all find their way in this eclec­tic cho­rus, one that fore­grounds the warmth and dex­ter­ity of the human voice.”

Jamie Allen will per­form a sound­wwwalk which ref­er­ences and mines the vast func­tional audio archives of the in­ter­net. A sound walk for hard­ware, through hard­ware, on hard­ware.

As well as im­prov, re­mote and tape per­for­mances Peter Moos­gaard, Con­stant Dul­laart, Ju­lian Palacz, Joel Holm­berg and Will Schrimshaw.

Bios of the Par­tic­i­pants

Ceci Moss is a free­lance writer, mu­si­cian, DJ, and cu­ra­tor. She is cur­rently pur­su­ing a PhD in Com­par­a­tive Lit­er­a­ture at NYU. Her re­search ad­dresses con­tem­po­rary in­ter­net-based art prac­tice, dig­i­tal tech­nol­ogy and per­cep­tion, the ma­te­ri­al­ity of media, post­mod­ernism and dig­i­tal art preser­va­tion. From 2007-2011 she was Se­nior Ed­i­tor of Rhi­zome, where she is presently a Staff Writer. She writes and edits the on­line con­tem­po­rary art and music blog A Mil­lion Keys. For the past ten years, she’s pro­grammed the weekly radio show Radio Heart on KALX and East Vil­lage Radio. She stud­ied So­ci­ol­ogy, His­tory and French at UC Berke­ley, and Crit­i­cal The­ory in Paris, France at the Uni­ver­sité Sor­bonne Nou­velle, Paris III/Cen­tre parisien d’études cri­tiques.

Jamie Allen makes things with his head and hands. These things most often in­volve peo­ples’ re­la­tion­ships to cre­ativ­ity, tech­nol­ogy and re­sources. They often at­tempt to give peo­ple new, sub­ver­sive and fun ways to in­ter­act with all of these. As some­one who works at the in­ter­sec­tion of art, so­cial the­ory and tech­nol­ogy, Jamie is an artist, a de­signer and a tech­nol­o­gist, as well as a teacher, re­searcher and ex­per­i­menter. His work has been fea­tured in a num­ber of media out­lets, in­clud­ing Wired.​com and the New York Times.

Bern­hard Gar­nic­nig is an artist and cu­ra­tor based in New­cas­tle and Vi­enna. In 2011 he grad­u­ated with an M.A. in Dig­i­tal Arts from the Uni­ver­sity for Ap­plied Arts Vi­enna. He has been re­search­ing the re­la­tion­ship be­tween sound and its spa­tial con­text from dif­fer­ent as­pects. In Crav­ing (with Got­tfried Haider) they de­vel­oped a GPS based bin­au­ral sound sim­u­la­tion en­gine for urban spa­tial sound nar­ra­tives in 2006. After that he started play­ing and or­gan­is­ing elec­troa­coustic im­prov con­certs at c17 Vi­enna, an art space he co-founded with Albért Bernàrd. After that he fo­cussed on sonic ac­tion in the field of browser and net­work based art, started to com­mis­sion browser based Sound­wwwalk per­for­mances with WORM/vi­enna and re­leased “Three Re­cur­ring Ir­reg­u­lar­i­ties”, a web­site that’s part feed­back in­stru­ment, part net­work field record­ing de­vice.

Peter Moos­gaard is a media artist and writer, work­ing in Vi­enna and Hels­ing­borg. In his work he deals with top­ics like pain, na­tion­al­ity, mythol­ogy, sci­ence and dig­i­tal media. Moos­gaard’s am­bi­tion is “..​to ex­ploit the nev­er­land be­tween art and tech­nol­ogy,” as he once said, “be­cause I´m not sure that cul­ture is my friend.”

Joel Holm­berg is a Los An­ge­les-based artist, one of the found­ing mem­bers of the Nasty Nets surf­ing club, and the cre­ative force be­hind Chillsesh. Com­bin­ing orig­i­nal per­for­mance and video with mash-ups of all kinds, Holm­berg’s site makes the line be­tween what he’s found and what he’s orig­i­nally au­thored dif­fi­cult to de­ci­pher. Se­lected works in­clude Palm Tree Palin­drome, a video that fea­tures a mes­meric pro­ces­sion of palm trees on ei­ther side of the frame, evok­ing film sprock­ets and the no­table ab­sence of nar­ra­tive in a piece with a seem­ingly for­ward thrust; BwO, which hi­lar­i­ously el­e­vates the soft-fo­cus ef­fects in a scene from the movie My Life star­ring Michael Keaton to the meta­phys­i­cal by over­lay­ing a read­ing of A Thou­sand Plateaus, a fa­mous book by the­o­rists Deleuze and Guat­tari; and Log roll, which lit­er­ally shows the artist rolling across an empty stu­dio, a repet­i­tive ges­ture am­pli­fied by a tech­nique that rolls the video back and forth in per­pet­ual mo­tion.

Con­stant Dul­laart (NL 1979, Ri­etveld Acad­e­mie Am­s­ter­dam, Rijk­sakademie Am­s­ter­dam): Trained as a video artist, his work has re­cently fo­cussed on the In­ter­net and re-con­tex­tu­al­iz­ing found ma­te­r­ial. Work­ing as a so called ‘in­ter­net aware’, or ‘post in­ter­net’ artist, his work shows the chang­ing ver­nac­u­lar of the con­tem­po­rary com­puter user, and how global cor­po­ra­tions (google, adobe, apple) con­trol that new lan­guage. In net­worked per­for­mances, cu­rated salon evenings, pho­to­graphic prints, youtube video’s, do­main name works, blog­posts, lec­tures, Dul­laart finds a way to em­pha­size the value of chang­ing in­ter­na­tional dom­i­nant (image) di­alects. His works are widely seen and dis­cussed on­line on blogs such as vvork.​com, rhizome.​org, artinamerica.​com, todayandtomorrow.​net, trendbeheer.​com etcetera, and his re­cently fea­tured in the Me­trop­o­lisM. Dul­laart taught at the Ri­etveld acad­e­mie, and (co)cu­rated sev­eral events in Am­s­ter­dam, Berlin and New York, such as the pe­ri­od­i­cally held Lost and Found evenings (with his final event in the New Mu­seum), the Cy­clus DVD for PARK4DTV / Mr Mot­ley, ‘Con­tem­po­rary Se­man­tics Beta’ in Arti et Am­ici­tiae, and re­cently the ex­hi­bi­tion “Ver­sions” in NIMK. His work is shown in­ter­na­tion­ally in places as the MASS MOCA North Adams USA, Cen­tre Pom­pi­dou in Paris, Art in Gen­eral and MWNM gallery in New York, ICA Lon­don, NIMK, de Appel, W139, the Stedelijk Mu­seum, Ellen de Brui­jne pro­jects, and Gallery West. Dul­laart lives / works in Berlin and Am­s­ter­dam.

Will Schrimshaw is an artist-re­searcher from Wake­field based in New­cas­tle upon Tyne. Often work­ing with sound amidst a larger vi­bra­tional con­tin­uum, his work is broadly con­cerned with the sub­lim­i­nal in­flu­ence of back­grounds, am­biances and at­mos­pheres, with the often im­per­cep­ti­ble de­ter­mi­nants of space and place. These con­cerns are man­i­fest in an ex­per­i­men­tal prac­tice com­bin­ing earth, text and code.

Ju­lian Palacz is an artist and pro­gram­mer based in Vi­enna, Aus­tria. He grad­u­ated with an M.A. in Dig­tial Arts from the Uni­ver­sity for Ap­plied Arts Vi­enna in 2010. His piece “Al­go­rith­mic search for love” has re­cently re­ceived a Prix Ars Elec­tron­ica Hon­orary Men­tion and the In­ter­ac­tive Art Prize from the Fes­ti­val In­ter­na­cional Mul­timédia, Por­tu­gal.

Aug 31, 2011
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