Nevin's Street in Brooklyn, one of the Subway transfers to get to your apartment in Prospect Heights

In your cubicle at work

New York City
After graduating from college, you went to New York City where you lived in four different apartments during the year you were there. You managed to support yourself in the city, and continue making art. You taught yourself some computer programming, and worked a number of cubicle jobs for couple of months each, with a couple of months pause in between while you worked on art projects.

At first being in New York City was incredibly alienating, both as a human and as an artist. Although there is more art in that city than anywhere else, the way the art world functions is the alienating part. After a certain amount time you were able to accept and even feel at home in the anonymity.

During this time you launched Shop Mandiberg, and also made and

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Personal History
Chapter Eight

High School and Before
New York City
Current Situation
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