You in Sixth Grade

Before and During High School
You grew up in Portland, Oregon, in a house your parents built on of the side of a hill in the middle of the trees. You had a sheltered childhood, something you only realize in retrospect. Your parents sent you to a private school, and emphasized 'wholesome' educational activities outside of school. You went to the Catlin Gabel School. Catlin Gabel is a small untraditional private school, which provided a education that focused on intellect and creativity, and creates an atmosphere that is welcoming to some pretty unusual students, bordering on weird (in a good way.) You were shy socially and academically until high school, when you became more comfortable in the classroom than anywhere else, and only slightly more at ease socially. During middle school when teachers began grading school work, you became fairly competitive in the classroom, though in a private way. During your sophomore year your private competition had opened up into a much more public competition between your peer group, which at times became somewhat mean-spirited, though this meanness was short lived on your part.

During your freshman year you were turned in for drinking on a school trip, and almost expelled. The experience with the disciplinary process has kept you fearful of getting caught breaking rules, though you still like to break certain rules, especially when you can call it "art."

During your senior year you were the student body president, which was a formative experience, though in retrospect a negative one. During that year you were someone else — you performed a persona you built out of the expectations of your peers and teachers. During that year you were more distanced from your body and your desires then ever before or after. In retrospect you think this experience might have influenced your turn to performances and acts involving disavowals and depersonifications.

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Personal History
Chapter Eight

High School and Before
New York City
Current Situation
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Professional Life

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