Physical Appearance
Your body is that of a white male of Eastern European Jewish descent. Your body is of a medium build — you are moderately fit but neither excessively thin nor muscular (though you do have strong legs.) You are tall at 6 ft. and one-half inch. You usually weigh between 180 and 185 pounds, with a small belly. Your skin is pale, and sensitive to the sun.

Your body is covered with red hair, except on your chest where it is brown. The hair on your head is thick, and you generally keep it short though recently you have been growing it out. Your eyes are hazel, with brown, red, green, and gray tones emphasized depending on the color of the clothes you are wearing. You have a strong jaw line, with a cleft chin and small lips. You have a prominent "Jewish" nose. On your left forehead you have a blue mark, which will be explained in the injuries section.

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Physical Presentation
Chapter Six

Physical Presentation
Physical Appearance
Physical Stances
Speech and Conversation
Hygiene and Physical Up Keep
Injuries and Medications

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