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June 19, 2007

Bill Shackelford



Spamtrap, by Bill Shackelford, is an interactive installation that prints, shreds and blacklists spam email. It interacts with spammers by monitoring several email addresses he created specifically to lure in spam and an old unused personal email address he uses to lure in spam. Shackelford does not use these email addresses for any other communication. He posts these individual email addresses on websites and online bulletin boards that cause them to be harvested by spambots and then to start receiving spam.

Because he knows that all email sent to these email addresses are spam, he has set the installation to print and then shred each email as it arrives. Simultaneously the installation is feeding spam blacklists on the web with information gathered from all the received spam (a newly added feature). This in turn helps to feed spam filtering systems across the web that are working to reduce the amount of spam we all receive. Click here for more information about Spamtraps.

The installation uses a Pentium II computer connected to a wireless network, personal printer, personal shredder, aluminum rails, Spamtrap email addresses, automatic printing software, email client software, antivirus software, and a SpamCop user account. The paper is recycled after the spam email has been shredded. Video. Related. Via.

Posted by jo at June 19, 2007 02:37 PM