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June 14, 2007

SMS2Wall + Mobile Whispers


Your Prayers Delivered to the Western Wall

SMS2Wall is a result of an effort to enable people all around the world to communicate their intimate messages to the Western Wall, directly from their mobile phones. Whatever the wish, prayer, hope or thought you would like to address to Western Wall, all you have to do is to compose text message (SMS) with the text: WALL (space) your message and send it to 46898. We will print out your message and (without revealing the message or your personal data) place it as a note into the Western Wall in your behalf.

Every week we will publish a video of the notes being placed in the Wall, so you can verify that your message has indeed reached its destination. You are welcome to use this service whenever you feel the need to express your inner self and reach to Western Wall. It is our imperative to treat you and your intimate message in a decent and professional way, emphasizing the attention and respect for privacy and prompt service.

Mobile Whispers is a global platform with the goal of aiding people all over the world in their spiritual and emotional needs, regardless of race, nationality or religion. We utilise the latest (mobile) technology in closing the distances in time and place and enabling communication between people and their intimate destinations, ensuring the highest sense of responsibility and respect to people's privacy and their inner values. Together with our network of worldwide mobile and internet connections combined with our proven technology and operated by experienced and knowledgeable team, we are able to deal with each request promptly and in the highly professional manner. Our vision is to bring closer people and places. We are working intensely to develop new and meaningful services each time.

Posted by jo at June 14, 2007 07:21 PM