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June 14, 2007




As part of the program of the festival "Bürgerstolz und Stadtfrieden" (Civil Pride and Urban Peace) we offer a billboard for screening video works from May 15 - September 24, 2007. Loyal_Rooftops_2007 shows video works, that point at social grievances and/or the struggle of independent culture/cultural institutions and therefore the festival "Bürgerstolz und Stadtfrieden" seems to be the right place at the right time to position themselves, short before those free spaces are closing.

The works will be shown without sound and as a loop, alternating daily. All participating artists will be present on our info media. We will be happy to give you a hand concerning accommodation. (more info here shortly; Galerie Loyal -Werner-Hilpertstr. 22 - 34117 Kassel)

Download Application Form.pdf. Send your DVD to: Martin Dege, Menzelstrasse 13, D - 34121 Kassel (dege (ät) uni-kassel.de).

Posted by jo at June 14, 2007 04:19 PM