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June 12, 2007

Sonar 2007


Spam, the Economy of Desire

SPAM as an art form: As in previous years, one of Sonar's exhibition areas is once again set aside exclusively for displaying the latest developments in digital art. Located on the 1st floor of the Centre de Cultura Contemporŕnea, this year's exhibition focuses on SPAM, one of the most common and undesirable elements on the net. In this selection of works curated by Alessandro Ludovico, the unwanted information that we delete every morning without a second thought becomes an artistic device used by artists to explore different mechanisms for communication – and intrusion - in the technological age.

Sonar also gives a place to the latest new media art from Barcelona through Digital Art on Demand, organised in collaboration with the gallery Niu, one of the city's main new media cultural centres. Local artists and foreign Barcelona-based artists participate in this showcase called Viviendo@bcn. Mediateletipos.net (a satellite project of the important Galician portal artesonoro.org) will also be a guest at this year's Sonar, with eight interesting projects that explore the same general area: the revolution that the widespread use of web 2.0 will imply in relation to the music scene.

Spam, the Economy of Desire :: Alessandro Ludovico (IT) - As one of the inescapable communication phenomena of our times, junk e-mail is a substantial part of our infoscape. "Spam" is an exhibition of works curated by Alessandro Ludovico that explores how digital artists have proven themselves smarter than spammers. Taking Spam beyond the computer screen or responding to it through aesthetic strategies of all kinds, these artists could be considered to be the bravest, definitive email heroes.

Jonathan Land, "The Spam Letters"

Richard Airlie, Ian Morrison, "Spamradio"

Alex Dragulescu, "Spam Architecture"

Bill Shackelford, "Spamtrap"

Markus Boeniger, "Spam Shirt"

Luca Bertini, "800-178968, a Toll Free Number"

Dean Cameron, Victor Isaac, "Urgent & Confidential"

Nick Philip, "Nowhere.com"

"Today's Spam"

Viviendo@bcn :: Niu (ES) - Barcelona, a Mediterranean and usually sunny city, is one of Europe's most active and innovative hubs for audiovisual and multimedia arts. Much of this innovation and richness comes from artists born outside of Barcelona, people from a thousand and one different cities who decide to stop here for a time. Many of these artists explore audiovisual language as a form of artistic expression. This small selection shows the creative scope of eight collectives led by artists who have made Barcelona their home over the last few years. Recent arrivals from Sevilla, Bogota or Berlin who are making Barcelona a stop on their professional path and contributing a cultural richness that may be hard to quantify, but is undoubtedly positive. Niu is a cultural space located in Barcelona's Poblenou area that produces, exhibits and publicises contemporary audiovisual arts, multimedia design, digital art and independent electronic music. The subject of study, production and exhibition is the "audio and visual" culture that emerges with the inrush of digital technology into the world of art, design and communication.

Alberto Tognazzi, "Intimidades"

Dslnc Studio (con música de Pablo Maffi), "Electrospoken World Video
Collage Generator"

Matekemata, "Airport"

Sebastián Seifert & Miguel Marín, "Catangos Remixed"

AC 3monitor, "28 Dead...Hundred Injured"

Háztelo, "El Cruce"

Institut Fatima, "Wireless Artist for Everyone!"

Equipo & Txalo Toloza-Fernández, "Usted No Está Aquí"

Redes Aurales :: Mediateletipos.net (ES) - We find ourselves facing the need to construct a new theory of knowledge that will allow us to study societies through their sound imaginaries. In this supposed new stage, the semantic web plays an essential and major role, a place for construction rather representation: from the figurative plane to pattern, from perspective to immersion, from object to process, from content to context, from reception to negotiation, from observation to action and from brain automatism to the distributing mind. Here in this new context is where we may find the keys to help us resolve the problem. Mediateletipos.net (a satellite project of the portal artesonoro.org), has selected eight projects that use social consensus as a means of working towards constructing that longed for means to knowledge through "aurality".




"The Freesound Project"





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