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June 08, 2007

Faster than Sound 2007


Becoming Animal: Story of the Kerberos

Minimaforms presents: Becoming Animal: Story of the Kerberos @ Faster Than Sound 2007 :: Design Team: Stephen Spyropoulos, Theodore Spyropoulos, and Ivan Safrin.

Becoming Animal is an interactive performance piece that develops the story of the mythical three headed beast Kerberos, guardian of the underworld. The objective is to create an environment of performance through the collective participation and conversation of Kerberos and participants in the event. Each participant’s presence will stimulate the three heads of the Kerberos triggering behavioral interactions and exchanges. Interactions will be expressed through sounds, facial expressions and general activity of the Kerberos. The continued dialogue between users and Kerberos will demonstrate emotions such as love, hate and anger. Participants will be given custom made masks to interact with the Kerberos and each other. This collective playfulness will construct interactions that evolve and become animal.

The project will be installed at the K9 building in Bentwaters Airbase in Suffolk, England. The K9 building will serve as the entrance to this years Faster than Sound Festival. The installation derives its concept from this threshold (entrance to festival), the K9 building and the sound event to create a piece that is context specific.

The Myth of Kerberos (Cerberus): Cerberus was the guardian of the Greek Underworld, and a faithful servant of Hades. He was represented as a grotesque dog that had three heads all of which snarled at those foolish enough to attempt to leave the Underworld; the dog also had the tail of a serpent. According to legend, Cerberus was the result of the union of Echidna and Typhon, two beings that are best described as somewhat monstrous themselves. Additionally, he was the brother to both the Hydra and the Chimera. Cerberus is featured in several mythological stories in his role as the watchdog of Hades. One famous story depicts the poet and singer Orpheus charming Cerberus by the power of his song, which emphasizes Orpheus's magical gifts of enchantment (Cerberus was notorious for not allowing mortals who were still alive to enter the Underworld).

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