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June 01, 2007

Upgrade! Berlin


Iliadahomero from Curitiba / Brazil

Upgrade! Berlin presents: Iliadahomero from Curitiba / Brazil :: Friday, June 8th 2007; 8 pm :: Studiobühne, Ritterstrasse 12-14, 10969 Berlin / Germany, U Prinzenstrasse.

Brazilian composer & director Octavio Camargo from Curitiba shows together with Claudete Pereira Jorge an interpretation of the first chant of the Iliade, the epos of Homer. The Iliade is known as the most ancient oeuvre of occidentail literature. The 50-minutes monologue reveals the impact of this text as the source code of European culture. The performance will be in Portuguese, but the underlying semiotics of this piece can be grasped beyond any language restraints. And that's exactly the intention of this play: Homer is used here as a media and a vehicle for interaction in different platforms of language, thus projecting different translations to different idioms.

"I see language as a code" says Octavio Camargo, "and with this dramatic piece, we want to share this code with our audience. I believe that the texts of Homer can provide a deep understanding of the modern human condition." Indeed, the Iliade is a veritable semiotic knot of the European culture and still, after 2500 years, provides a broad array of the most important archetypes and topoi of the occidental thinking.

Interpretation: Claudete Pereira Jorge | Director: Octavio Camargo | Translation: Odorico Mendes


Claudete Pereira Jorge is a popular actress from Brazil, who has been working on many different theatre and film stages for more than 30 years now. Octavio Camargo is a composer and theatre director, and has been teaching Aesthetics and Harmony at the University of Arts in Parana (EMBAP), Brazil, since 1992.

Some Links to Octavios works:


Iliadahomero is currently guest at the Thessaloniki Biennial and will continue its travels throughout different European cities of the Upgrade! network http://theupgrade.net.

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