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May 17, 2007




In collaboration with VIVO and VJ Theory, The Escape Artists presents INTERCONTINENTAL SKYPE DISCUSSION ON VJ THEORY (vjtheory.net), PRACTICE AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS LOCALLY AND GLOBALLY :: Saturday, May 26, 1-3 pm, at the VIVO (Video In | Video Out), 1965 Main Street, Vancouver :: 604-872-8337.

We expect this presentation will be of interest to practitioners and people interested in the area of vjing and realtime interaction (theorists, developers, programmers, artists, activists). This presentation/discussion hopes to create awareness and get people interested in the vjtheory project. We would also like to receive feedback from the participants on the work done so far and ways in which it could expand, specifically, what people want in terms of interacting with each other online about vjing.

We would like to focus our presentation on the subject of community development: How does VJ Theory become a platform for the development of theory informed by individual and collective practice and theory originated by a community instead of an author or group of defined authors.

Participants should expect to get more familiar with the vjtheory project and people involved (contributors and editorial body), providing the opportunity to ask questions to the editors about contributions or any other relevant subject. People can also participate by introducing examples of communities they are familiar with and expressing their ideas on what kinds of interaction they may like to find in a site such as vjtheory.net

For more info on the event contact Camille Baker at camille[at]escapeartists.ca at 604-708-0997


vjtheory.net is an online community of VJs and artists who reflect on their work and share their ideas with others in the community. This community actively discusses and reflects on philosophy and theory related with VJing and realtime interaction.

The project has been running for over two years and has built up an extensive collection of work which can help other practitioners to critically examine their practice. Through publishing articles, interviews and reviews, the project is able to distribute the work of the community and organise online debates in areas which are highlighted by our contributors.

In this way we have been, increasingly, linking artists, activists and VJs (the links are often already there) which in turn links practices such as realtime installation, performance and political praxis.


VJ Theory: Philosophy and Theory of VJing and Realtime Interaction
Editors: Ana Carvalho and Brendan Byrne
Co-editors: Lara Houston and Paul Mumford

The Escape Artists Society (T.E.A.S.) is a small Vancouver media performance society, putting works of media art, performance media, music/sound art, and visual art events into predominantly unusual locations – inserting ‘our’ world into ‘there’ world– penetrating public perceptions of culture, genre and form.

VIVO Media Arts (Video In | Video Out) is a 33 year old media centre focusing on the exhibition, production, education and distribution of video and interdisciplinary media art.

Camille Baker
The Escape Artists Society
Executive Director/ Curator

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