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May 09, 2007



Needs your Help

Fijuu2 was accepted for installation at the New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference in New York, on show from June 07 through til the 10th this year. We have a very nice (read 'expensive') small form-factor shuttle that we usually use for presenting the piece here in Europe, running Ubuntu 6.10 and a recent NVIDIA SLI graphics card.

As is common in America, there's no fee for presenting work at NIME, so we're reluctant to send the machine over the Atlantic at our own expense. Travel expenses are also not covered, so we're not going to NIME itself. To that effect we can't bring the machine with us as carry-on luggage (like we normally do).

So, we're looking for someone in the New York area that would be willing to provide a machine on which to present Fijuu2 for those three days - publically credited as our official NIME07 hardware sponsor ;)

Installing Fijuu2 itslf is now just a case of double-clicking a few Debian packages - no UNIX kungfu required. this places the only requirements being a gamepad (we can send that over), Ubuntu 6.10, a reasonable sound-card and fast graphics card.

Here's a bit about the project: http://fijuu.com/outline/index.html; recent video describing the interface model: home page here; and here's a bit about NIME 07. Write to inf[at]@fijuu.com if you think you can help. Thanks for reading!


Posted by jo at May 9, 2007 06:27 PM