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May 02, 2007

SUMMIT non-aligned initiatives in education culture


Meeting in Berlin

SUMMIT non-aligned initiatives in education culture :: May 24 to 28, 2007, Berlin (DE) :: Two weeks before this years G-8 meeting a wide range of projects, initiatives and protagonists from the fields of art, culture and political activism are going to gather in Berlin for "SUMMIT non-aligned initiatives in education culture": SUMMIT is a proposal to question and to change some of the fundamental terms of the debate around education, knowledge production and information society.

Beyond the widespread lament about the crisis in education there are numerous initiatives converging around "education", recognizing that it is equally a platform for cultural actualisation and self organization: these projects range from free academies, to exhibitions as educational modes to ad-hoc initiatives within social, political and cultural organisations. Parallel to that many initiatives are taking place within or at the margins of institutions which work against the grain of their official modes and expand rather than defy existing aims.

SUMMIT seeks to bring together various approaches from different genres and calls to come forth and unalign from both, the tendencies of bureaucratization and privatization of knowledge and education. The four-day event focusses on four thematic tracks: "Knowledge and Migrancy", "Self-authorization, -organization, -valorization", "Creative Practices" and "Education unrealized and ongoing".

SUMMIT features an evening program with lectures, curated dialogs and performances, a series of meetings and sessions in working groups caucuses, workshops, drafting sessions and history lessons as well as open forums for initiating proposals, highlighting practices and making theory urgent.

SUMMMIT is designed by Irit Rogoff and Florian Schneider in collaboration with Kodwo Eshun, Susanne Lang, Nicolas Siepen and Nora Sternfeld.

Registration and further information at: http://summit.kein.org

Organization: Multitude e.V., together with Goldsmiths College, London University and Witte de With, Rotterdam. SUMMIT is supported by the Federal Culture Foundation, Germany.

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