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April 27, 2007

CounterPULSE presents STREAM/fest


Media-Assisted Performance

CounterPULSE presents STREAM/fest a festival of cutting-edge performance, including MAP: Media-Assisted Performance (Thurs-Fri) and EPF: Emerging Performance Festival (Sat-Sun) :: When: Thursday-Sunday, May 17-20 @ 8pm :: Where: CounterPULSE, 1310 Mission Street @ 9th, San Francisco :: Tickets: $12-20 Sliding scale :: Info/Res: 415-435-7552 or info[at]counterpulse.org :: Contact info: Jessica Robinson, 415-626-2060 or jessica[at]counterpulse.org.

MAP: Media-Assisted Performance-- Thursday & Friday, May 17 & 18: Artists respond to climate change, advances in technology and media saturation with a sophisticated mélange of live performance and interactive media. DAVID SZALASA presents a sneak preview of “My HOT Lobotomy,” a farcical interdisciplinary media performance about a NASA employee who willingly has a lobotomy to forget what he knows about global warming. SUBJECT TO CHANGE PERFORMANCE COMPANY's "Study 2013" references both global warming and the second coming of Christ, employing bodies, video, text and sound to explore both the tension and the comedy of living in 'The End Times.'

• SMITH/WYMORE DISAPPEARING ACTS employs a high-tech sound and motion tracking process to create "Unstable Atmospheres," a technologically enhanced interactive environment where performers negotiate a charged and turbulent space, resulting in surprising relationships between computers and humans.

• In "Frames of Mind," CATHERINE GALASSO's dancers stagger across the stage clutching televisions containing images of themselves, highlighting our culture's increasing divide between the physical body and the digital self.

• The ERIKA SHUCH PERFORMANCE PROJECT presents the dance film, "To Hellen Bach," a visually arresting and dream-like journey into the interior of a disturbed mind, featuring performance by Erika Chong Shuch and video by Ishan Vernallis.

• Esther Williams meets MTV in ERIC KOZIOL's experimental dance film, "Synchro," a study in human kinetics and buoyancy featuring a solo swimmer in a technicolor underwater environment.

EPF: Emerging Performance Festival—Saturday & Sunday, May 19 & 20: Performances ranging from modern dance to dark comedy and from Bharathanatyam to spoken word explore the complexities of contemporary life.

• RABBLE ROUSER DANCE THEATER, directed by Sarah-Luella Baker, uses raw movement, live music, and illuminated singing to create a non-linear parable about the burial and unearthing of the archetypal feminine in "SCORE: sad song with birds."

• In "Blood of the Virgin," by JULIA STELLE ALLEN, a male hustler haunted by his first time intersects with a virgin woman struggling for purity in a “dirty world”, and the tragic true-story of the sacrifice of a small child. Sex and violence, saints and sinners, all speak the truths we try to forget and the fictions we hope to believe.

• DEEP WATERS DANCE THEATRE, Directed by Amara Tabor-Smith, examines how deforestation and inner city living are cultural genocide for people whose traditions are rooted in nature. Drawing from folklore and ritual of the Yoruba spiritual tradition, “Precious Dirt” tells a story of violence in our communities and the link to our disconnection from nature.

• COURTNEY MORENO & SONYA SMITH use movement to create a visual landscape of expression and response. "Right Behind You" investigates emotional intelligence using two dancers, a quiz, a blindfold, and photographs. The result is a relationship as unique as it is universal, and a dance on the edge of risk and vulnerability.

• "A Young Wife's Journey" by DEEPA SUBRAMANIAM fuses classical South Indian dance, world music and spoken word poetry, as it chronicles the fear, loneliness and excitement of a young Indian wife's immigration and subsequent shift in identity.

• KIM HARMON's "parts is parts: animal nature" presents striking visceral imagery, energetic choreography, and soaring original music. Questions of responsibility, objectification, containment and fragmentation wordlessly spiral around the structure of our "natural" world in this first installment of an evocative performance sequence on the theme of compartmentalization

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