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April 27, 2007

Alternate Perspectives


Floating Eye

[...] (photo by Saxinger) Floating Eye (2001), by Hiroo Iwata (VRlab), is an interactive installation that separates vision from the body. The participant can only see wide-angle image floating in the air. The image is captured by a wireless camera attached to an airship, pulled along by the user. The participants can see themselves from above, along with the surrounding area.

A large helmet provides the immersive experience. This helmet contains a convex mirror, with a projector mounted at the rear, so the image takes up the users whole field of view. The movie belows shows how this works. Movie (10mb mpeg) More images and video.


Inter Dis-Communication Machine

(photo:Kurokawa Mikio) The Inter Dis-Communication Machine (1993), by Hachiya Kazuhiko, lets two participants see things from the other persons perspective. The site states “the concept to make it possible to kiss or to make love with the partner while keeping the machines on”. [blogged by Chris on Pixelsumo]

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