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April 27, 2007



90 Degrees Equatorial Project

JAMES GEURTS' 90 Degrees Equatorial Project :: through May 19 :: EXPERIMENTAL ART FOUNDATION :: Lion Arts Centre North Terrace at Morphett Street, Adelaide, Australia 5000 :: eaf[at]eaf.asn.au.

90 Degrees Equatorial Project combines three aspects of Geurts' practice - photography, video and site-specific installations. The works are primarily abstract documentation generated by situated on-site performance. Geurts works with video by manipulating live feed to force errors in the recording process. Abstraction of real-time into video static opens the possibility of unexpected relationships between visual and aural elements.

"At four equal sites on the equator, a corner of a right angle plastic frame pierces the skin of the landscape to give the illusion of a frame that passes through the earth. I developed a portable sculpture in the form of a 90-degree frame, which was set up at the four sites and photographed. The frame is made from fabricated plastic and internally lit with fluorescent light." James Geurts

The project worked at four locations which are 900 apart :
1000 East - Pandang, Sumatra, Indonesia
100 East - Libreville, Gabon, Africa
800 West - Perneldes, Equador, South America
1700 East - Kirimatti Atoll, Pacific Ocean

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