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April 26, 2007



Art and Urban Practices

Art and Urban Practices: New City-Territories :: 12-13 JUNE 2007 :: VENICE :: aMAZElab via Cola Montano 8, 20159 Milan, Italy :: Ph/Fax +39 02 6071623 :: info[at]amaze.it

aMAZElab proposes an international workshop aimed at students and young artists, along with a study day / conference on the theme of Mediterranean Atlas. Art and Urban Practices. New city-territories. Artists, architects and theorists describe contemporary living and the transformations of six Mediterranean cities: Istanbul, Beirut, Nicosia, Tel Aviv, Alexandria and Barcelona and Venice. An experimental and multi-disciplinary debate on these six "case study" cities, on contemporary perceptions of the city, as well as on the theme of new territories. Migratory flows of people, cultures and economies. The writing on the walls of contemporary city-territories, open maps with multiple meanings between their emotional, geographical, historical and social layers.

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