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April 25, 2007

The Stakes + the Networks of Creation in the Post-Contemporary Era


A Symposium

Symposium on "the stakes and the networks of creation at the post-contemporary era" proposed by Abdallah Karroum (The apppartement 22) Morocco, from 25 to 27 Ocober 2007. (Date and place to be confirmed later)

The three principal axes of this symposium will stress on the reflexion on: 1- The practice of art as an act of participation in society. (ecology, politics, economics). How does contemporary forms of creation act and interact in society? 2- The role of the school, is it information or formation? or for providing tools of individual development or the development of the collective memory and social creativity? How to prepare students to the stakes of coperation and to the sharing of knowledge? The "workshop" as an alternative to the traditional school of art?

3- Co-operative networks and the problematic of contemporary creation. Co-operative approach of the cultural action. This window will be a platform of reflexion in order to develop an active method that we will adopt for the 3co_operative Festival of Contemporary Creation". The question of representation of the aurhor as well as that of the subject and public will be aproached with regards to existing experiences as well as future projects.

To participate in this symposium please send your proposals by email to akarroum[at]yahoo.fr or by snail mail to Apartment 22, 279 avenue Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco.

PARTNERS: ESAV (Ecole Superieur d'Arts Visuels), Marrakech and Site des Editions hors-champs, Fez.

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