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April 23, 2007

Extensions Journal Volume 4: TempoRealities of Performance


Call For Submissions

Extensions invites submissions for its forthcoming issue: TempoRealities of Performance. We welcome scholarly essays, experimental writing, interviews, reviews, media / Web-based art works / projects, and documentation of music, dance, visual, sound, and performance art that interrogate the relationship of temporality to performance.

Time, particularly "the present," has been configured as the ontological force field that grounds performance. Yet, the present as a temporal category, and presence as material proof of that time, is being challenged on many fronts. For example, how have the virtual stages of new media shifted definitional assumptions about presence and performance, and of what constitutes a performance event? How have the space-time compressions of globalized capital and travel suggested simultaneous and sometimes competing geo-temporalities? Do performance sites create / condition / presuppose their own temporality? How do archival technologies figuratively and literally mediate performance?

Submission topics might include but are not limited to:

Intersections of spatiality and temporality
Technology and the archive
Ephemerality and endurance of performance
Lingering presents/presence
Futurity and/or historicity
Recyclings and (re)imaginings of pasts, presents, and futures
Foucauldian technologies of performance
Tempo, rhythm and other measurements of time
Performativity of time: spectacular, messianic, queer, etc.

Extensions: The Online Journal of Embodiment and Technology is an annual Web journal produced by the graduate students of the UCLA Center for Performance Studies. Extensions follows the Center's mission to "engage performance at every front, to open and broaden the definition of performance and the texts that prompt them, to explore performance practices and test the ground on which they rest." Extensions is further dedicated to interrogating performance according to new logics of embodiment and technology, opening those terms to methods and objects of contemporary scholarly and artistic inquiry.

Submissions should be received/postmarked by August 1, 2007. Essays should be sent to extensionsjournal_at_yahoo.com. Other files should be sent on CD or DVD to:

Extensions Journal c/o Harmony Bench
Glorya Kaufman Hall 120 Westwood Plaza, Suite 50 Box
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1608 USA

Articles must be sent in full as MS Word documents and should follow MLA style. Images should be sent as .jpg files and video submitted in QuickTime. We are also happy to accept Flash (.swf) files. If applicable, please include a thumbnail image to accompany your submission. Inquiries regarding supportable file formats and other questions should be directed to extensionsjournal_at_yahoo.com. Extensions requires hardcopy media files and 50-word bios from all accepted contributors. Artistic submissions should include an original statement that elucidates, expands or reflects on a conceptual or technological aspect of the work.

Contributors will be notified of acceptance by October 15, 2007. Our anticipated launch date is May 1, 2008.

Extensions Volume 3: Interactivity and Kinesthetic Sense can be viewed at www.performancestudies.ucla.edu/extensionsjournal/

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