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April 21, 2007

1001 nights cast


night 667 from LA

This week 1001 nights cast passed the two-thirds milestone with a story by Caroline Lee for night 667. And this Sunday, for the first time, the International Date Line will be crossed. This event gets Barbara Campbell across the Pacific without missing a date on the calendar and she gets a 24 hour holiday as a bonus (largely spent in an economy class seat).

Performance number 671 will be on April 22 at 7.30pm from Los Angeles. That is: 10.30pm in New York, Toronto and Bogota; April 23, 3.30am in London; April 23, 4.30am in Madrid, Paris, Berlin; April 23, 5.30am in Beirut, Jerusalem, Istanbul; April 23, 10.30am in Hong Kong and Perth; April 23, 12.30pm in Sydney.

As you can see, for most places other than North and South America, there will be no performance on the April 22 date. Campbell will do three performances from LA before heading to the east coast of the US. The pop-up news page on the site will give the relevant information about changes to performance times according to where you are. You'll start to see lots of new writers' names, as well as European ones returning.

Posted by jo at April 21, 2007 11:53 AM