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April 19, 2007

Upgrade! Berlin


Field trip to NewYorkRioTokyo

Upgrade! Berlin: field trip to NewYorkRioTokyo :: Thursday, April 19, 5 pm at NewYorkRioTokyo :: Brunnenstrasse 7/2, near U - Station Brunnenstrasse.

The mobile caravan of Upgrade! Berlin will visit the nomadic gallery NewYorkRioTokyo tonight and have a discussion with the curators. Join us on our caravan of questions on media art in Berlin...

The non profit association NewYorkRioTokyo has been founded in summer 2005 with the purpose to create an international network for the promotion of young artists, designers and curators. In the project room “E 4" in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg they mainly present videos, installations, performances and interventions in public space. Additionally, the NYRT team organises lectures and talks on a regular basis. This platform is run by seven 7 curators and artists from different countries.

You are invited to join us on our next Upgrade! field trip, where we will meet the NYRT's curator Kai Schupke for a talk about the curatorial agenda of this place. We are especially interested in finding out more about their approaches towards innovative presentation formats of media art. The video of this evening will be available online by the beginning of May.

You want to join us on our caravan of questions, roaming the media art spaces of Berlin? Just get in touch with us here.

Posted by jo at April 19, 2007 10:58 AM