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April 13, 2007

Pierrick Sorin: La Pietra del Paragone


There is an interesting article on Pierrick Sorins (a French video artist) latest collaborative venture in this months Artpress (April issue, number 333) La Pietra del Paragone or The Touchstone in english ... an opera by Rossini which was at Paris’ Châtelet theatre in January.

I’m not a hugh opera fan but the staging of this particular opera seems as if it was an event to see. The singers perform on stage against a bluescreen which is filmed by a trio of cameras positioned centre stage clearly visible to the audience. Simultanously a scale model of a set (stage right) is filmed by another trio of cameras. The two sets of video are paired off, left, centre and right and each cooresponding two are superimposed and projected on three giant screens above the stage to give the impression that the singers are actually in front of a real set.


A similar set up to those used in news and weather forecasts however here the end result is seeing the composited image and its construction in real time. The possibities this gives for large scale and rapid set changes or even the construction of impossible sets, using areas of the stage which normally prove difficult to use etc. are suburb. The network here? Well its the linking of real and simulated to create a very different type of virtual reality to what must be comic effect in real time.

A television broadcast and DVD of the opera is planned for the near future. To see other work by Pierrick Sorin see his website. Below is a video of some of his video installations created for Chanel in 2001.


Another video artist / directors you may want to have a look at if this interests you is Zbig Rybczynski. Thanks to Frédérique for showing me this. [blogged by Garrett on Network Research]

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