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April 13, 2007

Intermedia Arts Group

Two Birds by Nathan Bowen


"I have had a long interest in the relationship between motion and stasis, particularly in nature. For example, one could say that the sky is always the same (it's always above, it's blue, there are clouds, etc.), or that it constantly changes (depending on the time of day, the color is always different, the clouds are in constant movement, things fly in the sky, etc.). I am drawn to such things as the sky because they provide both reliability and incomprehensible variety. In this piece I explore how to create dynamic and static behavior simultaneously. Three visual objects projected on a screen each correspond to specific audio events or layers. One object acts as a frame, projecting a video of clouds and sky. The two other objects are three dimensional birds. Through Max/MSP/Jitter, I will be able to control the movement of each object and their corresponding sounds by touching preprogrammed keys on my laptop keyboard and mouse. The relationship between visuals and audio is symbiotic: the visual movement of the 'birds' is initiated by amplitude of drum beats, while the position of the 'clouds' in 3D space directly influences the amplitudes of a cluster of drones." Nathan Bowen, Intermedia Arts Group.

Posted by jo at April 13, 2007 04:50 PM