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April 11, 2007

[-empyre-] Brooke Singer: Thoughts on the topic


TechnoPanic: Terrors and Technologies

"... In the last several years I have seen the rise of work termed "Locative Media" and my own work is sometimes grouped in that category. I usually ignore labels but this one is particularly bothersome to me because there is a trend here to collapse this ever-growing field of terror technologies into infotainment objects. This gets to the issue of what Tim calls the "ambivalent attraction to technologies of terror" and, as Horit questions, "what is the relationship between the production of art by means of digital technologies and the production of terror by the same?" Locative Media (as with the term Web 2.0) is deceptive in its appearance of being simply shiny, fun and new. Yet, do we question computer art for its use of the digital computer, originally designed to quickly crunch numbers to project missiles more accurately -- wherein lies the difference? Is it only distance from inception?..." -- Brooke Singer, empyre. Read the full post >>

Posted by jo at April 11, 2007 08:52 AM