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April 11, 2007

Upgrade! Sofia


Demo Scene Phenomenon

Upgrade! Sofia: Demo Scene Phenomenon :: Today 11.04.2007 :: place: Club Apple, Sofia :: time: 20:00 (free lecture) :: Party: 22:00 (4 BGN entrance fee)

What is the demoscene? Short answer: A subculture in the computer underground culture universe, dealing with the creative and constructive side of technology, proving that a computer can be used for much more than writing a letter in MS-Word and hence emphasize on computer technology as just another medium that can transport ideas and styles, show off skills and express opinions etc. Another theory says, that it's just a bunch of boozing computer nerds, programming weird, useless multimedia stuff.

In Bulgaria the demo scene is a unknown phenomenon. In Europe this cult status form of art became hyperpopular in the last 20 years. Yet in our country we still don't know nothing about it, despite the fact that Bulgaria is already a member of the European Union. When we talk about demo, the last thing that pops up in our minds is high-tech multimedia installation. That's why Georgi Penkov (aka EXo) and Kamen Merachev (aka kmn) will join Upgrade! Sofia for a event that threatens to unveal the mistery of the 10 MB files that give birth to a 20 minute high-quality video.

The one of the king lecture will be held at club Apple and will present the whole history of the demo scene (coming from the '80s hacker scene) and it's development during the years. Examples of cult demo productions will be given, the ideas behind them, the basics of the making -of process, as well as presentations of the best demogroups. The gathering will turn into a party with special DJ appearances by DTX (click & tech sounds), EXo (dubstep), CooH (experimental dub). The event is supported by Mirizma.org, HMSU.org and InterSpace. For more information: scene.org

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