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May 21, 2007

P.Art.y 2007: Network Performance



P.Art.y [People, Art & Technology] :: 3 day festival for live performance, media arts and electronic music :: Organized by ART CENTER NABI, Seoul, Korea :: September 14-16, 2007 :: Deadline: May 31 :: First Prize: $5,000 (US)

Art Center Nabi, a leading media art institute in Seoul, Korea, is organizing P.Art.y, 3 days’ festival for live performance, exhibition, screening, seminar, and workshop in September 2007. All the creative energies at the intersection between arts and technology will gather and explore new landscape of arts in technological era.

Highlighting live and multi-modal experience in arts making and its reception, P.Art.y will present media performances by Korean and internationally-renowned sound, visual, and performing artists. Responding to a changing data flow and the real-time transmission of information, works of our time are often dynamically open-ended. This open structure of arts foregrounds the live, here and now, and improvisational aesthetics, which harks back to the early network art, Global Grove by Nam June Paik in 1973.

Opening up new artistic and cultural outlets in Seoul, P.Art.y will be a platform for gathering, networking, exchange and inspiration for the people who are in the fields of media arts, electronic music, performing arts, popular culture and other cross-disciplinary creative practices emerged in the networked environment.

CATEGORY: Network Performance :: Physical world and virtual space meet and bring out new interactions. The concept of ‘here and now’ has been questioned, reinterpreted, and reconstructed. Especially the technological progress in so-called ubiquitous computing and pervasive network has opened up new creative platforms for the performative experiences. At P.Art.y, artists, audience and all other participants will share the moment of live event where the existing notions of space and time are put in flux and new communities evolve.

We are looking for fresh and original projects that are relating but not limited to the following examples:

_Live performance with real-time communication, impromptu actions, interactions, audience participation
_Sound-visual performance using diverse network technologies such as radio, internet, mobile, and wireless
_Performative project that explores multi-sensory experience
_Investigations onto the city streets and alternative use of public spaces
_Project incorporating street culture such as skate boarding, graffiti, or dérive activity
_Mobile or locative media-based performance
_Telematic or mixed reality gaming
_Performance using interactive instrument and participatory installation



1. 1st winner will be awarded with $ 5,000 USD. Traveling and technical support will be additionally offered for the realization of the proposal at P.Art.y 2007 in Seoul.

2. Other selected works (total numbers not determined) will be invited to P.Art.y 2007. Traveling and technical support will be offered.

_JURY: An international panel of jurors will conduct selection procedure:

Julian Bleecker (US), Professor of Interactive Media Division, USC School of Cinematic Arts
Jo-Anne Green (US), Co-director of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. and Turbulence.org.
Drew Hemment (United Kingdom), Director of FutureSonic Festival and Future Everything
Gunalan Nadarajan (Singapore), Festival Director of ISEA 2008, Singapore
Soh Yeong Roh (Korea), Director of Art Center Nabi


1. Theme relevance: Project should relate to the theme of network performance.
2. Originality: Project should address unique issues and take original approaches.
3. Creative use of the medium: Project should make creative re-use of high and low technologies. Interactive and participatory aspects will be highly scored.
4. Practical feasibility: Project should be in realizable and reasonable scope financially as well as technically.



1. All the applicants must register and submit materials via online platform.
2. Biography, project proposal, and other supporting materials (image, sound, movie files) should be uploaded in appropriate format indicated in each section.
Go to http://www.nabi.or.kr/party2007_submission to complete your submission.

Note1: Pre-realized work will be also taken into account only when it is redesigned, upgraded or in different version. In this case, previous versions should be clearly indicated with the information about the exhibitions or events of its previous presentation.
Note2: Awarded works in other festival or competition are not eligible for apply.
Note3: Submitted materials shall not be returned.


Deadline: May 31
Announcement: June 30
(Winner and selected works will be contacted by email and announced at the website.)
P.Art.y 2007: September 14-16, 2007

CONTACT: For more information about the competition, please visit www.nabi.or.kr/party2007.
General info: party[at]nabi.or.kr
Tel: +82-2-2121-0915

Art Center Nabi
99 Seorin-dong, Jongro-ku, SK bldg. 4th fl. Seoul, Korea 110-110

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