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April 06, 2007

SPACE2/ | Transcendence


A Psychocartography of Conceived Presence

(Oslo, 03.04.2007) Following the success of the installation Space2 at ROM for Art + Architecture, its new location is now at Euklides (Pilestredet 75C, Oslo). Space2 is the continued development of Transcendence, developed by the Norwegian architectural laboratory SERENDIPIT:US (Eli Goldstein & Kjersti Wikstrxm) at Dispatx Art Collective.

During 2 simultaneous journeys in Berlin and New York, an archive of experience (atlas of emotion) was established. Through conceiving presence, the project Transcendence crystallizes the condition of sensing one space while imagining / conceiving the presence of another - a process that mirrors the shared experience of being in two places at the same time, whilst co-existing in the shared virtual space.

Hundreds of visitors from architects and artists to established writers, sociologists, anthropologists and philosophers have experienced the playful and interactive installation in the past three weeks. Space2 has a critical focus on the processes and procedures of design - constituting in a methodological experiment within the borders of art, architecture and research.

Focusing on the creative method - the organisational process that translates creative vision to creative product - is fast moving beyond online curatorial platforms such as Dispatx. The Norwegian Architecture Association (NAL), the Association for Interior Design, and KHIO, the Oslo School of Art, have all expressed significant interest in SERENDIPIT:US as a result of this work.

Euklides is focused on crossing borders between art & design, looking to make anti-standardized products and building commercial models related to them. For SERENDIPIT:US, this touches on some of the main reasons for engaging in the study of subjectivity, personal habitats and spatial values, as well as these factors' role in the perception of space and in generating new spaces or objects. Focusing on methodology and analysis in generating and exploring real or imagined spaces, their work approaches phenomenological aspects of spatial conditions.

Dispatx Art Collective is a curatorial platform for the development and presentation of contemporary art and literature.

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