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April 03, 2007

Moroccan Mixed media artists


TROC ART: Art & Identity

TROC ART: Art & Identity :: Contemporary Art Exhibition: Foundation ONA (Villa des Arts) Casablanca / Rabat 2007 / Opening 12 April / 04 June 2007 in Casablanca / 2nd Opening 14 June in Rabat.

The Exhibition will be curated by the VIDEOKARAVAAN and will explore the new forms of art expressions with a new generation of Moroccan Mixed media artists. (Video, Photography, graphic design, installation, fine arts, new media, music, live performances.). Troc Art resembles video makers and mixed media artists from Moroccan different kind of backgrounds: some produce their work within Morocco, others are part of European migration... and others come from different contexts but, for critical or personal motives, have decided to immerse themselves in this one culture. We think that the reflection is made richer by this difference in the situations of the authors, which also helps to give a better understanding of the complexities of the tensions at play, and to offer new and more open keys for approaching the Moroccan culture.

The project seeks to put our ideas of national identity under pressure and to examine and challenge the processes of inclusion and exclusion in The Netherlands today. As questions of cultural identity and normative 'national' values become ever more of an issue in political and cultural debate the concept behind Be[com]ing Dutch is to move the agenda of multiculturalism from notions of toleration and difference towards building a shared but agonistic democracy on a cultural level through the use of one of the few remaining public sphere institutions left to us - the museum. It requires wide public participation, that is encouraged, prepared and committed to over a longer term than a single exhibition.To begin the project Be[com]ing Dutch we are issuing a call to join us in Eindhoven for a three day Gathering.

We invite you to come together to listen, debate and discuss with a variety of invited artists, thinkers and activists including (a.o.) Babak Afrassiabi, Abdellat! if Benfaidoul, Bik Van der Pol, Igor Dobrovici, Surasi Kusolwong, Sarat Maharaj, Sohelia Najand, Maria Pask, Mario Rizzi, Superflex, Nasrin Tabatabai, Abdelaziz Taleb, and Aline Thomassen. They will present ideas and models of art practice that challenge and critique our various understandings of identity and visibility and offer imaginative possibilities for organising ourselves collectively.

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