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April 03, 2007



April 2007

Welcome to the April issue of Furthernoise.org which features a host of new reviews on adventurous cross genre music, sound and writing. Included in this is our new net label release Appropriate Re-Appropriations which is a compilation of international musicians and sound artists compositions utilizing the Freesound Project archive. It is free to download with printed folded sleeve from Fn net label menu.

We introduce our new guest reviewer Derek Morton from US drone merchants Mikroknytes as well as podcasts of Furthernoise radio on BCfm.

We are also hosting a live performance by Derek Holzer & Rob Curgenven who will be mixing improvised field recordings and analogue synth explorations at the Blue Lagoon Cafe Bristol on 14th April from 8pm.

"Roggbif Records - Purveyors of Fine Norwegian Noise." (feature) Sten Ove Toft has been of a mainstay of Norwegian Noise for sometime and his Roggbif label is turning out some of the most interesting and aggressive music from the genre. The first time I met him however, it was a somewhat quiet affair. I had received a txt msg from someone saying "You should like this" a time and an address. Review by Mark Francombe.

"Clair / Shahar 'Avner's Arrival'" (review): John Clair and Jed Shahar record a session of 'electro acoustic improvisation'. This is news to the security guard whose venue they are in. An interesting conversation develops. Review by Mark McLaren

"Eavesdropping" (review): Blind people are not casual listeners. Blind since birth, Stephen Kuusisto recounts the surprise that comes when we are actively listening to our surroundings. There is an art to eavesdropping. Review by Mark McLaren

"Helicoids / Psychotic Breaks Mix CD - Alex Young" (review): In June 06 Alex Young created a special continuous mix for the Furthernoise Month Of Sundays live A/V event in London. Combining tracks from two of his releases, psychotic breaks and Helicoids. The result was a thirty-minute trip into frenetic beats, glitch textures, flowing synthesizer ambience and melodic tones. Review by Bill Binkelman

"Sonic Postcards - Sonic Arts Network" (review): Sonic Postcards is a UK wide education project devised and delivered by Sonic Arts Network. It is a unique and innovative project that enables 9-14 year old pupils from across the UK to explore and compare their local sound environments through the exchange of sound postcards with other schools via the internet. Review by Roger Mills

"SuperTexture by Gary Smith" (review): SuperTexture throws away post-processing and effects, leaving just Gary Smith, his guitar and amp to take us on a journey of virtuoso guitar experimentation. The first disc, Smith's solo work, is pure guitar and amp. The second disc features guests exploring each improvisation through their own interpretation. Review by Alex Young

"Terraform EP - Razing Darkness" (review): The journey begins with ominous bass drones and industrial machine noise in the track Gravity Damage. Its evident that we are exploring planetary territories through alien droid transmissions. Headphones are recommended if you prefer to maximize the dizzying array of stereo panning and acoustic mind fuck. Review by Derek Morton

Roger Mills
Editor, Furthernoise

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