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April 03, 2007

Hidden Lives


A Social Experiment

Everyone leads two lives. An 'outer' life filled with day-to-day activities and to do's. Jobs, routines, meals, meetings, bills, discussions about the weather. And then there is the 'inner' life. The things that you think but seldom say. Hidden Lives is a space to reflect on your innermost thoughts, dreams, hopes, fears and imaginings. Pause, let your soul drift, listen and then reveal your hidden life to the world. Hidden Lives aims to become a unique global artwork brimming with intimate, beautiful and moving self-expressions from people all over the world.

Hidden Lives, by Justin McMurray and Remko Steenstra, is a social experiment dabbling in the realms of authentic expression and intimate revelation. The website responses are uniquely personal and yet undeniably universal. When people have the opportunity and courage to share their hidden lives, it is a powerful reminder that, for everything that separates us, we are all intimately connected. Play around and see what lives are unveiled. Unveil your hidden life today.

Posted by jo at April 3, 2007 09:47 AM