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March 26, 2007

An Event for a Conversation


'fancy a skype chat?'

An Event for a Conversation celebrates social networking and is designed to explore the social and technological aspects of communication through experimental events and conceptual research. This experimental and research process will develop towards, and inform the final interactive and relational ‘Event for a Conversation’.

The first event ‘fancy a skype chat?’ took place yesterday (March 25); ‘fancy a skype chat?’ invited people to an online, social event hosted by the artist Rebecca Gamble. Gamble's goal was to re-create the pub-like environment of informal chat around a table over a drink, by inviting people to ‘bring their own’, ‘log on’ and start chatting over Skype. Through this event, the artist hoped to connect people and their different environments through online conversation, in a virtual environment. It was documented through the texts of the ‘Group Chat’ on Skype, from screen grab images of the artists’ desktop at 10-minute intervals, and in other ways the participants added to it. The conversations themselves were not recorded.

Posted by jo at March 26, 2007 10:24 AM