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March 19, 2007

Something about Future Appearances in Space



Something about Future Appearances in Space: AN EVENING OF SOUND / VISUAL / DIGITAL / POETRIES with Jim Andrews (from Victoria, BC), Crag Hill (Moscow, ID), Geof Huth (Schenectady, NY), & Nico Vassilakis (Alki Beach) :: WHERE: Nonsequitur CHAPEL PERFORMANCE SPACE at The Good Shepherd, located at 4649 Sunnyside North, just south of 50th Street in Wallingford. 4th Floor :: WHEN: 7:30 PM, FRIDAY, March 30, 2007 :: TICKETS: DONATIONS, $5, at the door :: PRESS CONTACT: Nico Vassilakis.

Subtext is pleased to co-present a special evening of SOUND / VISUAL / DIGITAL / POETRIES at the future home of the Subtext reading series, which is moving from Hugo House to the Chapel Performance Space in June.

Crag Hill has been exploring the world through the prisms of verbal and visual language since his re-birth in the 1970s. Writer of numerous chapbooks and/or other print interventions, including Dict (Xexoxial Endarchy), Another Switch (Norton Coker Press), and Yes James, Yes Joyce (Loose Gravel Press), he has also edited Score Magazine, a publication seeking the edges of writing since 1983. He co-edited, with Bob Grumman, Writing To Be Seen, the first major anthology of visual poetry in 30 years. Crag runs the blog SCOREPAD.

Jim Andrews is a poet-programmer and audio guy who has published Vispo.com since 1995, which is his attempt at creating an online body of literary work that can swim in the brine of the binary. He lived in Seattle 1997-2000 and now lives in Victoria. Recent projects include vispo.com/bp, a recovery of computer poems written by bpNichol in the 80's, and vispo.com/kearns, a binary meditation on the work of Vancouver's Lionel Kearns, a contemporary wreading of Kearns's work.

Nico Vassilakis lives in Seattle. Recent books include chapbook from BCC press, Askew and DIPTYCHS: Visual Poems available at Otoliths' bookshop online. Nico has a DVD of visual poetry titled Concrete: Movies. In 2006, his work was shown at the Wright Exhibition Space as part of the exhibition 5 Visual Poets. He recently STARED in a play about Morton Feldman in NY at the HERE Theatre. With compass and pencil he is drafting his way through dread.

Geof Huth is a writer of textual and visual poetry. Over the years, he has created visual and other poems in a wide variety of formats: lineated verse, prose, paintings, drawings, and films. He has been published in venues as diverse as The American Poetry Review, Dreams and Nightmares, Kalligram, Lost and Found Times, Modern Haiku, La Poire D'Angoisse, Prakalpana Literature, ZYX, and atop bandaids. His chapbook of visual poems, "Out of Character," will soon be published by Paper Kite Press. He writes almost daily on visual poetry at his blog, dbqp: visualizing poetics.

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