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March 08, 2007

Follow for Now:


Interviews with Friends and Heroes

Follow for Now: Interviews with Friends and Heroes is an anthology of forty-three interviews with minds of all kinds. See for yourself:

Science: Eugene Thacker: Whole Earth DNA, Mark C. Taylor: The Philosophy of Culture, Steven Johnson: No Bitmaps for These Territories, Howard Bloom: Mind at Large, Terence McKenna: Struck By Noetic Lightning, Manuel De Landa: ILLogical Progression.

Technology: Howard Rheingold: Virtual Cartographer, Rudy Rucker: Keeping it Transreal (part 1) / Game Theory (part 2), Albert-László Barabási: Think Networks, David Weinberger: Small Pieces, Eric Paulos: ExperiMental InterAction, Richard Saul Wurman: Technology, Entertainment, Design.

Media: Eric Zimmerman: Play as Research, McKenzie Wark: To the Vector the Spoils, N. Katherine Hayles: Material Girl, Geert Lovink: Tracking Critical Net Culture, Brenda Laurel: Utopian Entrepreneur, Peter Lunenfeld: Critic as Curator, Erik Davis: Mysticism in the Machine, Gareth Branwyn: Media Jam, Douglas Rushkoff: The Thing That I Call "Doug".

Music: Mike Ladd: Rebel Without a Pause, Aesop Rock: Lyrics to Go, Pete Miser: Camouflage is Relative, Yoni Wolf and Richard Adams: The Sound of a Handshake, dälek: Gods and Griots, Weasel Walter: Killing Music, Milemarker: The Only Band That Matters, Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky: Subliminal Minded.

Culture: Brian Coleman: Nostalgia is Def, Hal Brindley: Wild Boy, Doug Stanhope: Deadbeat Hero, Paul Roberts: Peak Oil Recoil, Tod Swank: Foundation's Edge, Shepard Fairey: Giant Steps, Steven Shaviro: Stranded in the Jungle, Mark Dery: Postfuture Shock.

Literature: Steve Aylett: Rogue Volts of Satire, Philip K. Dick: Speaking with the Dead, Adam Voith: Missives from the Downtimes, David X. Cohen: Futurama's Head (In a Jar), Sean Gullette: Faith in Chaos, Bruce Sterling: Future Tense.

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