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March 07, 2007

DEAF07 workshops


Apply before March 15th!

DEAF07 Interact or Die! Presents three hands-on workshops where artists from different backgrounds, students and technicians work collaboratively on experiments and new creations. The basic ingredients for all DEAF workshops are: excellent workshop leaders, a carefully selected variety of participants, good ideas and materials. The workshop leaders present the theory related to the workshops in the seminars Critical Ecosystems (DIY Networks) and Interrupting Realities (Tracking Technology), where all workshop participants are also encouraged to engage in the discussions and debates. The Hive@ Soft(n) workshop includes an invitation to collaboratively create a locative media game on the basis of an integration of the networks of the Soft(n) installation and the Hivenetworks project. Subcritpition for the workshops is open until March 15th 2007. Please check www.deaf07.nl/workshop_application to submit your application online, you will be notified by March 19th 2007. Apply for DEAF07 workshops before March 15th! Contact: lyndsey[at]v2.nl

DIY Networks: A hands on workshop on media ecologies
V2_Test Lab 1
Wednesday 11 to Saturday 14 April
Cost: 250 euro / 200 euro, including lunch and workshop materials, entrance to the exhibition and the Critical Ecosystems seminar.
Maximum participants: 30

The DIY Networks workshop is oriented towards electronic artists with an interest in the possibilities of approaching technologies beyond the paradigm of control. The focus will be on sustainable, customised, weareable, networked instruments and sound ecologies. Participants are invited to build their own artistic micro experiments and perform hardware and network hacking.
see www.deaf07.nl for more information.

Workshop leaders:
Alejandra Perez Nunez - http://www.elpueblodechina.org
Jo FRGMNT Grys : T.O.B - http://noisiv.de.vu/
Sophie Gosselin and Juien Ottavi : Apo33 - http://www.apo33.org

Tracking Technology
V2_Test Lab 2
Wednesday 11 to Saturday 14 April
Cost: 200 euro / 150 euro, including lunch, workshop materials entrance to the Interrupting Realities Seminar and the exhibition.
Maximum participants: 30

This hands-on workshop on Tracking Technologies is oriented towards performing artists / choreographers interested in using new technologies, as well as people with a technical/scientific background who want to apply their technical knowledge in an artistic domain. The workshop will set out to investigate data interpretations from real-time tracking devices and mappings of this data for artistic purposes, using max/msp. See www.deaf07.nl for more information.

Workshop leaders:
Armando Menicacci - http://www.anomos.org
Sher Doruff, Stan Wijnans, and Cliff Randell

Hive @ Soft(n)
Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of April 2007
Cost: 150 euro / 100 euro, including lunch and workshop materials.
Maximum participants: 20

The Hive @ Soft(n) workshop is aimed at people with visualiation skills, programming skills in Flash, PD, and/or MAX/MSP and general creative people with an interest in locative media and reporting skills. During the workshop, participants will create a locative media game in which data interpretation, selection, broadcasting and visualisation of collected content is determined by affection. In order to do so, participants will integrate the wireless network of of ‘soft objects’ from the Soft(n) installation and the wireless network of Hivewares from the Hivenetworks project and will develop the visualisation application to realise the game. The data selected while developing, testing, and playing the game will be broadcast throughout the festival, and on the Internet.

Workshop Leaders:
Hivenetworks: RayLab - Vladimir Grafov, Alexei Blinov , Will Hall - http://hivenetworks.net
Soft(n) concept: Thecla Schiphorst - http://whisper.surrey.sfu.ca/
V2_ workshop team: Siuli Ko-Pullan, Stock, Simon de Bakker, Rui Guerra, Michiel Kauw-A-Tjoe

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