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March 06, 2007

Ulises Mejias' Floating Points 4 presentation


Here are the slides and notes for my Floating Points 4 presentation, Networked Participation.

I wanted to experiment with a web-friendly non-powerpoint program, so I ended up using Opera Show. This means that you can click on the link and see the slides and notes from any browser, but if you want to run the slideshow, you will need to open the page in the Opera browser (free download) and then press F11 (Windows) or go to View, Full Screen (Mac).

Floating Points 4: Participatory Media is a speaker series that addresses "the recent emergence of inexpensive, worldwide, and many-to-many publishing and communication media" and how these media "have transformed the relationship between cultural producers and consumers." Floating Points is co-presented by Emerson College and New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (NRPA), a not-for-profit media organization with offices in Boston and New York.

This event featured Trebor Scholz and myself. Future ones will include McKenzie Wark & David Weinberger, and a panel on Second Life with Wagner James Au (aka Hamlet Linden), John Lester (aka Pathfinder Linden) and John (Craig) Freeman (aka JC Freemont), moderated by Eric Gordon. Check out the program for more information. [blogged by Ulises Mejias on IDEANT]

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