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February 15, 2007

Art Center Nabi @ ARCO, Spain



Art Center Nabi of Korea and Intermediae of Spain jointly present Intermediae-Minbak project at ARCO 2007, Madrid Spain. Interaction of unique culture and people takes place at Minbak (Korean word for accommodation for temporary home stay), which an entire space can serve as a place for vivid cultural exchange. Ten Korean media artists and approximately fifty Spanish students from five art colleges in Bilbao, Cuenca and Valencia meet one another at Intermediae-Minbak, a soft platform where they can exchange ideas. The works themselves function as a medium and help those who gather to stimulate each other’s creativity through common experience, and forge a new relationship.

Wind by Ji-hoon Byun brings in the wind of Pusan in real time to cause the screen installed at Minbak to flutter, while A Garden by Minha Yang invites the guests of Minbak to an interactive digital garden with the Oriental mystique. People overcome the limit of language difference and newly start to communicate via the visualization of sound through Sound Talking by Kichul Kim. They also allow their bodies, and furthermore their thought and culture, to mingle with each in a hope to become one in Love Shaker 2.0 by Joon Kim and Seungjoon Choi.

Stories of Your Life & Others (ver. Madrid) by Sengtak Seo, Seungjoon Choi, Jaekwan Park, Junghoon Lee provides an opportunity to make ties in other dimensions through avatars which freely move around simulated spaces of Intermediae and Art Center Nabi. Communication initiated through the medium of the metaphorical works will develop into more direct interaction at workshops. Meanwhile, a series of events that take place at Minbak along with other events at ARCO 2007 will be extended outside the exhibit space by a project titled Delivery_ARCO.zip by Woosuk Jang, Taejoong Kim and Yangachi. The separate online project is a kind of combination of Internet broadcasting and web arts.

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