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February 14, 2007

Hello, World!


Land to Google Earth

Hello, World! is a work of land art in the real world (here be exact) designed for the virtual world of the software Google Earth:

A Semacode measuring 160 x 160 meters was mown into a wheat field near the town of Ilmenau in the Land Thuringia (Germany). The code consists of 18 x 18 bright and dark squares producing decoded the phrase “Hello, world!”. The project was realized in May 2006 and photographs were taken of it during a picture flight in the following month.

For full photographic documentation of the work see the Flickr stream here. Note for examples of work connecting virtual and real in differing ways see the work of Aram Bartholl, particularly Plazemark and Map. [blogged by Garrett on Networked Research]

Posted by jo at February 14, 2007 06:22 PM