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February 09, 2007

iSummit 2007


Call for Artists in Residence

Artists in Residence program launched for iSummit '07

At this year's Summit (Dubrovnik, Croatia: 15-17 June, 2007), iCommons will be launching a new and improved Artist in Residence program, based on the success of last year's undertakings by Nathaniel Stern, the Artist in Residence at the iSummit 2006. This year's program will be bigger and better – we'll be expanding the program to include more artists, more collaboration and a dual exhibition – in a physical space at the art workshop, Lazareti and in a virtual gallery in Second Life.

Essential to the success of the program is, believe it our not – you. We would like you to suggest an artist from your country, whom we will consider when awarding the residency. Or even better, if you are an artists, don't be shy, add your name too. All you need to do is go here and add an artist's name.

Based on the suggestions from the community, we'll be picking two artists from the Croatian region and three international artists to participate in the residency. We're looking for artists who produce both in the physical and digital world; individuals who engage with copyright in some way - either by using Creative Commons licenced content as their inspiration, or by licencing their work under CC; or artists who simply challenge the boundaries of copyright law.

During the residency, the artists will be exploring different themes around what it means to be an artist creating in a digital world. The following topics will be investigated during the residency, and a workshop will be run by the artists at the Summit, based on the following themes:

• Different working modes: how do artists work with open content in their medium?
• Different presentation methods: what is the archival value of art made available online?
• Sustainability models: how do artists embrace 'copyleft' but still manage to pay the rent?

Nathaniel Stern will be coordinating the artists in their conceptual journey. The residency will officially start two to three weeks before the Summit, as a 'virtual' residency over e-mail or chat, when all the artists will start conceptualising and discussing these themes. The artists will arrive in Dubrovnik one week before the start of the Summit, so as to begin the hands-on work of creating their masterpieces.

The deadline for suggestions on potential participants for the Artists in Residence program is Monday 12 February.

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