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February 08, 2007

1001 nights cast


February 10: Performance #600

1001 nights cast will reach another milestone this Saturday: Performance #600 from Sydney on 10 February at 7.53pm which is: 5:53pm in Perth :: 8:53am in London :: 9:53am in Madrid, Paris and Berlin :: 11:53pm in Beirut, Jerusalem and Istanbul :: 3:53am in New York, Toronto and Bogota :: 12:53am in Los Angeles.

If you'd like to read any past stories please go to the new FASTER archives pages.

Since the half way mark was passed in early November, these new contributors have written for the project: Kristin Hannaford (Central Qld); Sam Twyford-Moore (Newcastle, NSW); Kate Richards (Sydney); Cecilia Berth (Sydney); Myo Sei Murphy (Sydney); Sam Grunhard (Japan); Folake Shoga (UK); Lesley Stern (San Diego); Adam Possamai (Sydney); Cathy Naden (Vancouver); Eileen Myles (San Diego); Mary Paterson (London); Colin W Gore (Sydney); M John Harrison (London); Beth Jackson (Brisbane); Josephine Starrs (Sydney).

The project will be moving again to the northern hemisphere, departing Sydney and arriving in Los Angeles on night 666 (April 17)! Stay tuned for time change updates.

Posted by jo at February 8, 2007 06:30 PM