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February 08, 2007

Digital Art Weeks 2007



THE CITY AS AN INSTRUMENT: The call concerns itself with the use of the city as an expressive instrument or place of artistic practice. This may vary from art whose subject is the city to art, which is actually performed in a city. Special attention is given to telematic art practices in which activities within the city bring about changes and responses at another open or closed space.

Interactivity may take place between the open and closed space in equal relationship, but in many projects in this area the activities often take place within the open space, (City Streets, a Park, Parking Lot, Public Building) and "consumed" in the closed space (Movie theater, Gallery, Living Room, Bar, Toilets)

CALL: The Digital Art Weeks 2007 invites Artists to submit proposals for open public spaces. We are seeking works that use any form of networking that either connects performers within the space used or connects them in some form between spaces used.

DEADLINE: Friday, 2nd March 2007._Notification of acceptance of proposals will
be sent out on or before Friday, 2nd April 2007. For more information regarding the call please write to: daw-perfs[at]inf.ethz.ch or http://www.digitalartweeks.ethz.ch

Posted by jo at February 8, 2007 06:26 PM