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February 06, 2007

Upgrade! Skopje


Generative Art Lecture

Upgrade! Skopje: Generative Art Lecture [as part of the BaseLine programme] :: Lecturer: Goran Kocov (MK) :: Thursday, February 8, 2007, 8:00 pm :: press to exit project space :: Curators: Elena Veljanovska and Antonio Dimitrov :: organization: Line I+M [initiative and movement].

After the lecture, there will be a presentation of the works made at the Generative art workshop, held from 26-28.01.2007 in Skopje. This event is part of the OFF program of the project Consumer vs. user*, which Line initiative and movement will develop in next 6 months.

The lecture will follow the tendencies of generative art from the very beginning, through minimalism influences, kinetic art, geometrical abstraction, abstract expressionism and the most of all conceptual art and it's representatives Hans Hacke and Sol Le Vit. Works, or maybe more important, tools created by John Maeda, Casey Reas or Benjamin Frey, are great examples for the magical connection of complexity and simplicity, interaction and automatization, the moving spirit of zero's and one's. Actually, very often, the work of generative art is toll by itself, capable of self realization through a kind of Hofstadter's magical circle. Further on, to complete a wider picture of the generative art and it's different way of approach and creation, Kocov will present the work and achievements of Tomas Briks, Tom Harden, Theo Bart etc.

After the lecture, the follow up will be the presentation of the works created during the three day workshop, that was held in Skopje, at the end of the last month. The workshop was divided in two main parts, theoretical and practical. In the first part, participants had lecture about the origin of Generative art. In the second- practical part, they were introduced in the program Processing, and it's practical use, in which they acquire experience and created it's own works.

Goran Kocov is born 1977 in Skopje. Studies at the university "Cyril and Metodius", in the department of history of art and archaeology. During the studies, he slowly forms the basics of his work in the wonderful connection of digital technology, art and Information Technology. In the same period, concentrated on the music production with software tools, publishes two compositions on music compilations "Macidonia 999" and "Macidonia 2000". Also works as a sound engineer on various TV, radio and movie projects, like "The Judge" from Zaneta Vangeli. As the time passes, visual arts join the sound art and music as his primer interest, and from the Information Technology free software and programming play the bigger role in his creative life. In the new millennium, he works as a programmer, beta-tester and consultant on various personal, commercial and non- commercial projects, all connected with audio/video software, collaborating, among the others with the software giant NVidia.

In the studio "Dream factory" works 3D modeling and animation, video design and compositing. Also he has previous experience as an editor of the movie pages of the magazines: Student's word and Urban magazine. In 2004, had lecture at the Faculty of natural sciences, Skopje entitled "Hollywood freeware". At this moment he is working as technical director in the studio for visual effects "Vertigo", where he just finished the visual effects of the Macedonian movie "Papokot na svetot".

Consumer vs. user* is a six months course that will include lecturers from Macedonia and Europe (United Kingdom, France and Italy). The seven lecturers participating in this project have a previous professional and theoretical background and practical expertise in the area in question.

The main goal is to educate a group of young creative people that are interested in learning in the fields of new media art: history of sound art and hardware; and technology: how to use open source tools, production, publishing/internet publishing, radio technology and VJ- ing. The workshops together will accomplish the basic knowledge and offer a practical usage and sustainability of the young future artists.

Consumer vs. user includes six workshops in a period of six months. The duration of these workshops can vary from 1 to 3 days. Here, besides the basic theoretical presentation, the participants will be involved in series of practical activities in an adequate environment and with adequate equipment.

Consumer vs. User OFF program consists of 6 events that will take place after each workshop. The aim of these events is to present the ideas to a wider audience, in order to develop their knowledge and get more familiar with the whole terminology of new media art.

1. Generative art ::: lecturer: Goran Kocov (MK) ::: duration: 3 days ::: date: 26-28 January 2007 :::

2. Sul Suono [about sound] ::: lecturer: Enrico Glerean (IT/UK) ::: duration: 3 days ::: date: 23-25 February 2007 :::

3. Analog synthesis ::: lecturer: Vlatko Kaevski ::: duration: 1 day ::: date: 30 March 2007 :::

4. Record labeling ::: lecturers: Dave Howell (UK) and Philippe Petit (FR) ::: duration: 2 days :::date: 28-29 April 2007 :::

5. Video world ::: lecturer: Marija Bozinovska ::: duration: 3 days ::: date: 25-26-27 May 2007 :::

6. Radio city ::: lecturer: Antonio Dimitrov (MK) ::: duration: 2 days ::: date: 22-23-24 June 2007 :::

*The name of the project is adopted from the Andrew Duke concept Consumer vs. User

This project is supported by: Swiss cultural programme, Macedonia- Pro Helvetia

Upgrade! Skopje is monthly gathering of new media artists and curators. Upgrade! Skopje will organize presentations, exhibitions, workshops, discussions, sound performances, dj and/or vj gigs, video presentations… with general aim for promotion and development of new media art practices, through various kind of exhibiting and performing. Meetings can take place on various locations in Skopje like: clubs, cafes, galleries or studios. We think that is very important to find different space, appropriate to each kind of events, building different type of audience for each of them, establishing collaboration with various scenes, building stronger scene, community and networking.
Upgrade! Skopje is opened for every artist that is travelling this way to present his work here, get promoted and become introduced with the local scene with aim to develop collaboration/communication. Upgrade! Skopje is organized by Line – initiative and movement.

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