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January 23, 2007




Drain 7: DESIRE: Many collaborative art and design practices take the sociality of cultural practices as their starting point. As such these forms of contemporary culture challenge us to experience desire beyond the framework of pleasure, lack, natural drive, or even subjectivity. Inevitably, what begins to happen here is that we start to think and experience 'desire' as a zone of intensity or affectivity that defies rigid organization. This issue of Drain intends to lean upon the concept of 'desire' as material process to explore cultural activities that operate according to a spirit of cooperation, all the while clearly situating the specificity of such practices within a contemporary political context.

The editorial board of Drain presents work addressing cultural practices that prompt us to face the perennial problem of desire in a capitalist world. In this respect this issue aims to further our understanding of the different investments desire can take (repressive or open) from the vantage point of culture. Works that examine the politics and/or ethics implicit within practices operating along the interstices of art and technology, art and design, architecture and urbanism, or theory and practice were especially welcome.

Posted by jo at January 23, 2007 04:06 PM